Used Hotech Advanced CT Laser Collimator - 2" focus


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    If you're looking to get your SCT perfectly collimated, this is the tool you need.  This is a Hotech Laser Collimator, and it is in excellent condition.  The battery is installed, and the lasers all work perfectly.  Includes the instructions, the soft-sided padded case seen in the photos, and the fine-adjustment base.  At over one-third off, this won't last!  




    Advanced CT Laser Collimator: Includes a 2" Reflector Mirror and a Fine Adjustment Stage

    Collimate Your Cassegrain Telescope
    - Without using a star
    - Indoor or outdoor - day or night
    - Focus stays at final view setting
    - Within focal distance from your telescope
    - One-man operation
    - Portable and simple to setup and use
    - Package includes
    - 1 x Advanced CT Laser Collimator
    - 1 x Premium Carrying Case
    - 1 x Fine Adjustment Stage (FAS-01)
    - 1 x 2" Reflector Mirror (RM2)
    - 1 x CR123, 3V lithium battery
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    Collimates following types of telescopes
    - Classic Cassegrain
    - Schmidt Cassegrain
    - Maksutov-Cassegrain
    - Ritchey-Chretien
    - Dall-Kirkham
    - and most derivative Cassegrain telescope designs

    Laser Specification:
    - Output Power: Class II, 1mW
    - Wavelength: 650nm
    - Alignment Lasers: 170mm diameter spaced apart
    - Crosshair Laser: 90 deg. divergent optic
    - Power Supply: One CR123, 3V Lithium battery

    Telescope aperture limitation on ACT-M2 model:
    - Primary mirror larger than 170mm(6.7") diameter to accept the alignment lasers
    - Secondary mirror obstruction smaller than 170mm(6.7") diameter without blocking the alignment lasers

    Download Advanced CT Laser Collimator User's Manual

    See more details.