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The ZWO EQ/Alt-Azimuth AM5 mount is designed specifically for amateur astrophotographers looking for a lightweight, high-quality mount that can hold their imaging setup securely and help them produce fantastic celestial images. This 11 lb. (5 kg) mount is able to hold up to 28.66 lb. (13 kg.) without a counterweight and 44 lb. (20 kg.) with a counterweight. The available TC40 tripod adds to the lightweight and high load capacity ratio by weighing in at 5 lb. with a high load capacity of 110 lb. You can rest assured that this ZWO AM5 mount package will be able to hold your equipment safely while you can capture those celestial views with your camera.

Dual Mount Style
ZWO has designed the AM5 mount with the capability of switching between equatorial or alt-azimuth mount modes. You can switch the mode through the included hand controller or through the app on a smartphone or tablet. The body of the mount comes with a status light indicator that will indicate whether the mount is in an equatorial or alt-azimuth mode. The red light signals the AM5 is in EQ mode and the green light signals the mount is in Alt-azimuth mode. The equatorial mode is great for tracking and imaging celestial objects while the alt-azimuth mode works well for observations.

Two Mount Control Options
When it comes to controlling the AM5 mount, astrophotographers can use the included hand controller or use the WiFi connection and wirelessly control the mount from a smartphone or tablet. Included is a rocker style hand controller. The size of the controller makes it easy to hold and use while the rocker style design allows the mount to be pushed in multiple directions. For the wireless control function, users can utilize the integrated WiFi network emitted by the hand controller and use Tonight's Target, GoTo, Live Preview, and others to pair with the ZWO AM5 mount. Please note that in order to utilize the WiFi, you must plug in the controller to emit the signal. Known iPad Compatibility - The mount is compatible with iPads running iOS 12 and up, including iPad/iPad mini, iPad Air, and iPad Pro. To use the Sky Atlas app feature, you will need a device with at least 6 GB of RAM

Harmonic Drive Speed Reducer and Synchronous Belt
The incorporated Harmonic drive speed reducer and synchronous belt allow this mount head to have precision control. While a traditional equatorial mount requires counterweights for use, this ZWO mount's harmonic drive speed reducer and synchronous belt eliminate the need for counterweights, though they can be added if desired (an M12 thread interface is available for compatible, user-supplied counterweight shafts). Having this design allows for more accurate control and a reduction ratio of 300:1.

Power Failure Protection
The AM5 EQ/Alt-Az mount head from ZWO is equipped with a power brake system. If there is a sudden power failure during use, the AM5 mount power failure protection design will prevent your telescope from falling and being damaged. This is feature is very important when it comes to the well-being of your imaging equipment. By triggering the brake system to stop the mount's movements, you will be able to maintain your equipment's balance and safety.

PE Curve Performance Guaranteed
The design of ZWO's strain wave gearing system is the result of ZWO working with well-known manufacturers, and it was developed with the needs of astrophotographers in mind. Just some of the amazing features of the ZWO AM5 mount that make it a must-have addition to astrophotography setups are the very low periodic errors, smooth gearing, and high torque. The guiding accuracy of this ZWO mount is 0.5 - 0.8 arc seconds. ZWO measures each mount and equips it with the exclusive PE curve before it leaves the factory to ensure performance is guaranteed!

0-90° Latitude Adjustment Range
This ZWO AM5 mount comes with a 0-90° latitude adjustment range. For the first gear, adjust the pitch angle grip to achieve between 0° to 60°. For the second gear, loosen the hex-head screw and adjust the pitch angle grip to get between 45° and 90°. Not only does this allow astroimagers to use the AM5 in alt-azimuth mode, it also allows those in both low and high latitude locations to use this mount when in equatorial mode.

ASIAIR Plus Compatible
There is another wireless control solution available for this AM5 mount, and it's called the ZWO ASIair Plus (not included). This small wireless module allows you to control the mount with your smartphone or tablet. If you'd like to add an ASIair Plus to your camera order, you can find it in the suggested accessories section or click the hyperlink above. Please note that this is mount is compatible with all versions of the ASIAIR.

Other Key Specifications

When it comes to compatibility, the ZWO AM5 mount works with the Meade LX200 and has a M12 thread on the counterweight shaft. The RA Drive is a Harmonic NEM42 Stepper Motor, Model No. 17 (Reduction ratio: 100:1), and brake. The Dec Drive is Harmonic NEM35 Stepper Motor (Reduction ratio: 100:1), Model No. 17.

Important Note

There is an ASIAIR finder shoe attached to the AM5 mount's side panel. If you plan on attaching the ASIAIR anywhere else, such as on the side of the Losmandy/Vixen-style dovetail saddle plate, make sure you do not completely screw in the rest of the two hex screws. The length of the inner part must be kept between 3 ~ 5 mm. Do to the mount's compact size, if you screw them in completely, the cables inside the mount can get pressed and damaged, which may cause the mount to no longer work.

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