2017 Solar Eclipse Hand Painted Ornament Set (Edition of 21)

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For the August 21, 2017 total solar eclipse, a unique set of hand painted planet ornaments. This boxed set contains Sun, Moon and Earth ornaments, each shatterproof and individually painted and detailed. 

There are only 21 numbered sets, to coincide with August 21, the day of the eclipse.

About The Set

The Earth and Moon ornaments are 2.5" in diameter, the Sun is 3" in diameter. 

Sun Ornament

Painted as a yellow star with a smooth surface, and detailed with sunspots based on those visible during the Eclipse! Individually signed on the bottom. 

Moon Ornament

Hand painted based on real Lunar topography based on NASA LRO images. The major Mare are detailed, as are major craters. Each Moon is individually hand painted, and will have unique characteristics. Each one is signed on the bottom.

Earth Ornament

Hand Painted based on NASA images. All major continents are hand painted through multiple layers and colors to denote sandy/rocky areas, green vegetation, and snowy poles, and cloud layer. Each ornament is signed on the bottom.

The Process

Every ornament received a base spray primer (typically 2-3 layers) which is allowed to set for a minimum of 24 hours. For all ornaments, the base paint layer is applied by spraying, typically 2 coats for consistent coverage. After a 24 hour dry time, hand detailing begins. Each ornament is painted with a brush by hand to create accurate details of major features. Following several applications, each ornament is again allowed to set for at least 24 hours before a UV protective overcoat is applied. A complete boxed set will typically require one week to complete when cure time for the primer and paint layers is factored in.

The wooden storage and display box are screen printed with the eclipse diagram and text commemorating the August 21, 2017 total solar eclipse. Each box is hand numbered (X/21) and signed. A certificate of authenticity is included with each set, noting the number within the edition. A perfect gift and keepsake!

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