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Used Red Gran Turismo 71 f/5.9 Triplet APO w/ 0.8x Flattener/Reducer, Rotator Ring, Dew Heater Strap


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This is a return of an 18-month old scope from a customer who upgraded to a GT81.  The optics are pristine, and the body is in excellent shape.  There are some minor "bite marks" on the dovetail, as you would expect from normal use.  

The scope comes in its original WO soft-sided case, with: 

  • handlebar;
  • case strap;
  • 0.8x field flattener/reducer;
  • rotator ring;
  • dew heater strap (dew heater controller not included).



Gran Turismo 71 OTA. f/5.9 Triplet APO with included FLAT6AIII 0.8x Reducer/Field Flattener producing a 335mm focal length and a 44mm imaging circle for full frame cameras.

Optional M63 Camera Rotator is INCLUDED.

Includes GT71  telescope with case, handlebar to accept a guide scope, vixen dovetail bar, 0.8x field flattener/reducer, and bahtinov mask built into the lens cap.

Dew shield outer diameter (for solar filter sizing): 92mm


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