Like New PrimaLuce Lab Sesto Senso 2 Robotic Focusing Motor

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This is a PrimaLuce Lab Senso Sesto 2 focuser that appears to never have been used.  It is in absolutely perfect, pristine condition.  The wires are still in their original coiled state.  See the photos.  

PrimaLuceLab SESTO SENSO 2 Robotic Focusing Motor

Adding the SESTO SENSO 2 robotic focusing motor to your telescope helps you achieve an incredibly precise focus, just 0.7 microns!

While delivering all of the great functionality of the first generation SESTO SENSO, the SESTO SENSO 2 now includes the following new feautres:

  • USB-C Port: This port allows for connection with the PrimaLuceLab EAGLE or a computer. The reversible nature of this port allows for easier connections, even in the dark.
  • Integrated WiFi Connection and Virtual HandPad: If you desire a wireless approach to controlling your focus motor, you can use the Virtual HandPad function to wirelessly connect to your smartphone or tablet.
  • Self-Centering Clamp Technology (SCC): This allows the focus motor to connect to almost all focusers without the need of external brackets.
  • Dimmable LED Lights: The LED lights on the body of the SESTO SENSO are dimmable so users can reduce light emission during imaging or visual sessions. The LED lights can even be turned off completely.
  • Compatible with ARCO Camera Rotator: The included ARCO port provides easy connection for the ARCO camera rotator without the use of additional data or power cables. When using ARCO (not included), you are able to remotely control the camera's rotation angle.

This PrimaLuceLab focus motor is highly accurate, advanced, and vibration free. Whether you want to connect the motor to your EAGLE or Windows computer with a USB connection or connect it to your smartphone or tablet, this SESTO SENSO 2 is extremely easy to use. The integrated virtual Virtual HandPad and WiFi network allow the connect between the motor and a smartphone or tablet to be completely wireless! The body of the SESTO SENSO is extremely lightweight and comes equipped with a single 12V power supply port that not only powers the motor, but other electronics. There is an included cigarette lighter socket power cable with this motor. Additionally, the SESTO SENSO includes a port for the SESTO SENSO temperature sensor (not included).

The SCC technology eliminates the need for external brackets! All you have to do it remove the fine and course focus knobs from the focuser and attach the SESTO SENSO to the compatible 25 mm diameter shaft. Please ensure that the shaft of the focuser is 25 mm. If your focuser shaft measures 33 mm or 37 mm, there are adapters available, but are sold separately.

With the SCC, you can use the manual course knobs of the focuser while the focus motor is installed. If you adjust the focus manually, make sure to manually adjust the focuser to the minimum position and press "Set position to 0" to re-calibrate the SESTO SENSO 2 so you can use it to control the focuser once again.

Included with the PrimaLuceLab focusing motor is a FOCUS Manager software and ASCOM driver with allows easy configuration of the many advanced features that the focus motor has to offer.

The body of the SESTO SENSO 2 comes in a single compact package, measuring 87.5 x 64 x 43 mm. The housing is made of a single block of aluminum, CNC machined, and red anodized. The upper part is made of rigid plastic, which allows the WiFi antenna to work properly.

SESTO SENSO 2 is compatible with, but not limited to, the following telescopes:

  • Sky-Watcher EvoStar 72 ED, 80 ED, 100 ED, and 120 ED
  • Sky-Watcher Esprit 80 ED, 100 ED, and 120 ED
  • Sky-Watcher Newtonian 200 mm and 250 mm w/ f/4 and f/5
  • Takahashi FSQ85
  • Takahashi FSQ106
  • GSO Ritchey-Chretien with 2" and 3" focusers
  • TS-Optics TSED80F7 (with 33 adapter, not included)
  • TS-Optics TSApo60f6RED (with 33 adapter, not included)
  • TS-Optics TSAPO72F6 (with 33 adapter, not included)
  • TS-Optics TLAPO804 (with 33 adapter, not included)
  • TS-Optics TS71SDQ
  • TS-Optics TS86SDQ

What's in the Box

  • PrimaLuceLab SESTO SENSO 2 Robotic Focusing Motor
  • 12V DC Cigarette Plug Power Cable
  • USB-C to Standard USB Cable
  • Hex Keys for Assembly
  • 5 Color-Keyed Bushings for Different Focuser Types
  • Quick Installation Guide