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Seymchan Meteorite Rectangle Pendant Necklace

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Our circle pendant contains a slice of Seymchan meteorite, acid-etched to bring out the details of its crystal structure, and sealed with a protective epoxy to prevent rusting and wear. The pendant hangs from an 18" solid sterling silver chain necklace. Includes an information card and black gift box with magnetic closure.

From the Information card:

"Seymchan Meteorite Pendant
This pendant contains a thin slice of Seymchan meteorite, the first pieces of which were discovered on a dry riverbed in Russia in 1967. This is a Pallasite meteorite which contains olivine crystals in some samples. It also exhibits an exceptional iron-nickel crystal structure called a Widmanstätten pattern, which only becomes apparent after the meteorite is sliced and acid-etched. The crystal pattern makes each slice from this meteorite unique and uniquely beautiful – a four billion year old gem of the early solar system!"

Meteorite discovered in Russia
Pendant made in China; Solid Sterling Silver necklace made in the USA

Circle pendant measures approximately 20mm diameter.

Contains Nickel

The body of the pendant is polished steel, and contains nickel. Those with a nickel allergy should avoid contact with the skin.
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