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SkyWatch 2021

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Are you new to amateur astronomy and looking for suggestions for starting right? Looking for a guide to the night sky? Wondering what type of equipment you need to get started in observing or astrophotography? Or do you know someone who is?

Then SkyWatch 2021 is for you.

Think of SkyWatch as an introductory-level, all-year issue of Sky & Telescope magazine. Here you'll find everything you need to know about getting started in amateur astronomy, whether you're starting from your backyard, a local star party, or a national park. Whether you're a novice or experienced skygazer, SkyWatch will help you up your observing skills a notch or two —or more. And here in one place are big evening sky charts for every month of 2021.

Contents include:

  • Celestial Highlights of 2021
  • Using Our Naked-Eye Sky Maps
  • Twelve Months of Evening Sky Maps
  • Twelve Months of Science and Astro History
  • How to Buy Your First Telescope
  • The Planets in 2021
  • Meteor Showers of 2021
  • Important Ideas in Astronomy and Observing
  • Deep-Sky Objects for Every Season
  • Getting Started in Astrophotography
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