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Paramount ME/ME II/MX Wedge to Pier Adaptor Plate - Heavy


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This Heavy-Duty Wedge to Pier Adaptor Plate by Software Bisque is designed to adapt an existing pier or tripod with the Paramount ME wedge. The heavy-duty version is made of solid aluminum and weighs approximately 14 lbs and is recommended for permanent installations. The Paramount ME attaches to the adaptor plate using the four pier attachment knobs near the corners (9.4-inch spacing). There are two sets of three mounting holes. The Primary Mounting holes are used for adapting to piers that have a large, flat top. There are integrated washers on the bottom of these holes in case the mounting surface is not perfectly flat. A second set of three holes matches the mounting pattern of the Paramount and Paramount GT-1100S models. They can be used to adapt the older style piers to the Paramount ME.


Please note the wedge to adaptor plate is not required to mount the Paramount ME to a Software Bisque Pier.