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Tele Vue Panoramic w/Sky Tour

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Tele Vue Panoramic Advanced Mount w/Ash Tripod & Sky Tour

The Tele Vue Panoramic™ Mount has now been upgraded to include a high quality ash wood Berlebach tripod and triangular wood accessory tray. Tripod legs are constructed from solid wood and offer a cradle height range from 28" to 46". The accessory tray easily attaches to leg spreaders via one attachment knob for additional rigidity. The head and handle are identical to the previous Paroramic Mount model. For Tele Vue's smaller telescopes, the Tele-Pod head that comes with the Panoramic™ Advanced Mount provides handy portability. As before, rubber tipped metal ground spikes are also included.

About Sky Tour

The Tele Vue Sky Tour is a computerized object locating device that works in harmony with TeleVue's mount to place more than 2,000 objects within reach. 2-star alignment allows fixed objects to be viewed quickly without any latitude, longitude, date or time input adjustments. User-friendly Guide mode demonstrates the correct direction to move the scope for centering your target object. Sky Tour provides the Panoramic Advanced Mount with R.A./Dec. digital position readout.

Tele-Pod Panoramic Gibraltar HD
9 11.35 HD4: 20.5
HD5: 22.9
2.4 - 5+ 2.3 - 4 3.5 - 5
+85 to -10 +85 to -17 +80 to -12
HD4: NP-101is
HD5: NP-127is
TeleVue Sky Tour Computer Specifications

  • 10-character red LED display
  • 5-level display dimming
  • Display Resolution: 1 minute, right ascension; 0.1º declination
  • Display Modes:
    • STAR FIX - Alignment mode using convenient star list
    • RA DEC - Current right ascension and declination
    • CATALOG - Complete database of celestial objects
    • GUIDE - Shows direction and distance to object
    • ALIGN - Uses full database to fine-tune alignment
    • IDENTIFY - Identifies object by type
  • Tom Lorenzin 2000+ object catalog database includes:
    • 110 Messier objects
    • Selected NGC objects
    • Selected IC objects
    • Selected Non-Standard objects
    • Selected colored, double, and multiple stars
    • 31 alignment stars
    • 8 planets
    • Customizable FAVorites database that can hold up to 99 objects
  • Coordinate Epoch: AD 2000
Telescope Mounting Types:
  • Tele Vue Alt/Az
  • Dobsonian Alt/Az
  • Custom Alt/Az
  • German Equatorial
  • Alt/Azimuth Setup: Requires 2-star alignment - no input for latitude, longitude, date or time required
  • Encoder Resolution: 2160 step, 0.167-degree per step (10-arcminute per step) encoders
  • Sampling Rate: 0.5 ms
  • Maximum Slew Rate: 160 degrees per second
  • Sidereal Clock Accuracy: 0.01%
  • Dimensions: 2.8" x 4.6" x 1.1"
  • Weight: 6 oz. including 9v battery
  • Power Requirements: 5.1 to 14V DC Reverse polarity protected


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