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This is a used Apertura AD10.  It is in very good condition, with a small amount of dust on the primary mirror.  It includes all of the standard accessories that come with new Apertura scopes, as detailed below. It was just too much scope for the previous owner.  This is your chance to get a steal on a 10-inch dob for almost one-third off the new price.  

The scope is currently assembled and on display in our warehouse.  However, the previous owner did provide us with the original boxes, so we can ship this scope to you.  


Apertura AD10 - 10" Dobsonian Telescope
With Lots of Accessories!

AstroBackYard recently named the Apertura AD Dobsonian Telescope the Best Telescope for Beginners! 

The Apertura AD10 Dobsonian Telescope package includes everything you'll need to get started, including a full-sized Right Angle Image-Correct 8x50 finder scope, two eyepieces, a laser collimator to make quick and easy mirror adjustments for perfect alignment, and even a Moon Filter! And you'll need that Moon Filter, too! You will not believe how big and bright the Moon will be, even in its partial phases. With 10" of aperture, the Apertura telescope will display Jupiter and its moons, Saturn, with its stunning ring system, and the Red Planet, Mars. On a steady night of viewing, you can explore the equatorial belts around Jupiter, spy Cassini's Division within Saturn's rings, or study the polar ice caps and dusky maria on the surface of Mars...but that's not all! Literally, thousands of celestial objects will be visible with your 10 inch Dobsonian reflector. Everything from huge galaxies, nebulae and star clusters to smaller planetary nebulae, double stars, and millions of suns in the far off regions of space will be within the grasp of your telescope.

Accessories Included with the Apertura AD10
Over $200 Worth of Free Accessories!

The Apertura 10" Dobsonian includes everything you are looking for and more so you can explore the cosmos in style. Here is everything you get for FREE when you purchase the Apertura AD10:

  • Primary Mirror Cooling Fan - Brings your telescope to ambient temperature quickly and efficiently.
  • Laser Collimator with Battery - Helps keeps your optics in alignment by offering easy collimation.
  • 2" Crayford-style Dual Speed Micro 10:1 Focuser - Precise focuser that provides smooth movements for easy focusing on celestial objects.
  • 1.25" Adapter for Focuser - Allows you to use 2" and 1.25" eyepieces, filters, and accessories for added versatility.
  • 9mm Super Plossl Eyepiece - 1.25" - Offers medium to high magnification views and fully-multicoated optics.
  • 30mm Super View Eyepiece - 2" - Provides a 68° field of view and exceptional light transmission.
  • 8x50 Right Angle Correct Image Finder and Bracket - Easily locate celestial objects from a comfortable position.
  • 35mm Extension Tube - Delivers an extra 35mm of focal travel to bring your scope into focus.
  • 1.25" Moon Filter - This neutral density filter reduces glare and ghosting for exceptional views of the Moon.
  • 4-Slot Eyepiece Tray - Keeps all of your eyepieces organized in one convenient place on the AD10 base.

Add that up, and you get over $200 worth of accessories included for free with the AD10! No other 10" Dobsonian out there comes packed with this many accessories at no extra charge!

Apertura AD10 Dobsonian Highlights...

  • The 10" parabolic mirror on the AD10 is made from quality materials and is figured to 1/12th wave. It is finished off with an aluminum and silicon dioxide coating that offers 93% reflectivity to ensure stunningly bright images.
  • The AD10 optical tube assembly is made from steel for durability and beauty and is fitted with a 2" dual speed 10:1 Crayford-style focuser for smooth, easy focusing. A 2" to 1.25" adapter is included so you can use both 1.25" and 2" eyepieces and accessories, and we even include a 35mm Extension Tube to extend the focus range required for some eyepieces.
  • The 10" mirror sits at the end of the OTA in an adjustable mirror cell. When it comes time to make adjustments to your mirror for precise alignment, use the included Laser Collimator and then tweak the mirror's position in the cell with the hand-adjustable knobs. No tools are needed except your hands!
  • A battery-operated cooling fan is attached to the back side of the mirror cell to help your telescope reach ambient temperature quickly and efficiently. The fan runs on eight (8) AA batteries that are provided by the customer.
  • The telescope's base, aka rocker box, is what differentiates a Dobsonian from other Newtonian telescopes. The Apertura AD10 tube assembly sits on the base with ease, and then the telescope can be manually moved up, down or to either side.
  • To easily move the AD10 up and down but help it to stay in the desired position, the telescope tension can be adjusted to match the weight of accessories on the tube assembly. To use this system, just turn the large aluminum knobs on either side of the telescope to tighten or loosen the tension until everything balances perfectly. Easy and fast!
  • The bottom of the telescope's base is styled like a "Lazy Susan". An azimuth roller bearing provides dozens of support points for smooth, 360º motion, and sealed ball bearings keep movements in altitude easy and smooth as well.
  • Accessories include a right angle, image-correct (RAIC) 8x50 finderscope to assist you in locating objects, a 2" 30mm Super View eyepiece, a 1.25" 9mm Plossl eyepiece, a 2" to 1.25" adapter and a 35mm Extension Tube for the telescope's amazing focuser, a laser collimator (which is almost never included with a telescope), a 1.25" Moon filter, a 4-hole eyepiece tray and snap-in dust cover.

How to Set Up & Use the AD10 Dobsonian

Please Note: A physical copy of the instruction manual is NOT included with this Dobsonian, however you are welcome to download a PDF of the Apertura AD Dobsonian Manual any time you like. Thanks.

A Dobsonian is perfect for beginners as well as advanced amateur astronomers. Unlike computerized telescopes, a classic Dobsonian does not find objects for you. You do that yourself. It may be a challenge at times, but you will have the honor of learning the night sky. To set the Apertura Dobsonian up for a night of viewing, just put the rocker box on fairly level ground, set the optical tube in the cradle, slide the finder scope on, put an eyepiece in the focuser, and start observing. There are no motors or electronics to deal with, and you won't hear anything except the hum of the fan during cool down. To move the telescope, push or rotate it in the direction you wish to go, and use the 8X50 finderscope to help you center the object in your field of view.

This telescope has a unique design that allows for easier balancing of the telescope in altitude. A two-piece CNC-machined aluminum side bearing holds the weight of the telescope OTA, and when you need to make tension adjustments, say because you added a heavier eyepiece or other accessory, all you need to do is turn the knurled knob (there’s one on each side of the rocker box). With a little bit of experimentation, you’ll find the perfect balance for your Apertura AD10 Dobsonian!

We recommend a planisphere for your latitude to help you get your bearings and find brighter objects, as well as a more extensive star chart of some kind to help you locate fainter objects. There are several inexpensive (or free) programs and/or websites available that allow you to print out a nightly star chart for your location and observing date and time.

Apertura AD10 Dobsonian Specifications

  • Primary Mirror Diameter: 10"
  • Primary Mirror Details: Thickness 1.35", Parabolic, 1/12 wave
  • Primary Mirror Coating: Aluminum and silicone dioxide (SiO2); Reflectivity = 93%
  • Secondary Mirror Details: Minor Axis 2.47", Major Axis 3.45", Thickness .47"
  • Secondary Mirror Coating: Aluminum and silicone dioxide (SiO2); reflectivity = 93%
  • Optical Design: Newtonian Reflector
  • Mount Design: Dobsonian, clutch mounting with tension knobs
  • Focal Length: 1250mm
  • Focal Ratio: f/4.92
  • Limiting Stellar Magnitude: 14.5
  • Focuser: 2 inch, dual speed Micro 10:1 Crayford style
  • Eyepiece 1: 2", Superview 30mm, 68 Degree FOV, 22mm Eye Relief
  • Eyepiece 2: 1.25", Super-Plossl 9mm, 52 Degree FOV, 6mm Eye Relief
  • Finderscope: Right-Angle, Correct-Image 8 x 50 viewer
  • Optical Tube Length: 48.5"
  • Base Height: 25.63"
  • Base Diameter: 22"
  • Fully Assembled Height: 54"
  • Optical Tube Assembly Weight: 34.8 lb.
  • Base Weight: 31.4 lb.
  • Fully Assembled Weight: 66.2 lb.
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