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Used Explore Scientific 8x50 Polar Illuminated RACI Finder Scope

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Condition: Barely used, with clean optics and body.  This is the older model with the original illuminator (not the later upgraded illuminator).  However, we have checked, and the illuminator does work.  It includes the base for mounting this finder onto an Explore Scientific shoe.  

With its northern and southern polar reference markings, Explore Scientific's™ 8x50 Illuminated Polar Finder Scope with Illuminator allows for quick and precise polar alignments with any equatorial mount. The deep red illumination can be controlled by the variable brightness knob, which also serves as the illuminator's on/off switch. This finder features a 90° eyepiece, erect image viewing and a 7° field of view. It also offers precision focus of both the main objective and the eyepiece reticle. 

Description 8x50 Erect Image Right Angle Illuminated Finderscope
Item Number VFEI0850-RA
Retical Polar Alignment Crosshair
Weight 1 lb, 9.1 oz
Size 200mm x 62mm x 112mm