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Used ES 8x50 Polar Illuminated RACI Finder Scope

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Condition: Barely used, like new with original box.

With its northern and southern polar reference markings, Explore Scientific's™ 8x50 Illuminated Polar Finder Scope with NEW long battery life Illuminator (FNDRILLUM-02) allows for quick and precise polar alignments with any equatorial mount. The deep red illumination can be controlled by the variable brightness knob, which also serves as the illuminator's on/off switch. This finder features a 90° eyepiece, erect image viewing and a 7° field of view. It also offers precision focus of both the main objective and the eyepiece reticle. 

Description 8x50 Erect Image Right Angle Illuminated Finderscope
Item Number VFEI0850-RA
Retical Polar Alignment Crosshair
Weight 1 lb, 9.1 oz
Size 200mm x 62mm x 112mm


SKU: U2111-VFEI0850-RA