Used GSO 2'' Dielectric Quartz Diagonal


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This is a used GSO diagonal with High Point Scientific branding on it.  It is in excellent condition, with not a mark on it.  The optics are clean; the compression thumb screws work perfectly.  If you've been looking for a 2'' dielectric diagonal, this one will be quite a bargain for you.  Comes with caps in its original box.  


  • Quartz offers greater thermal stability, resulting in minimal thermal expansion and contraction.
  • This 2-inch Quartz Dielectric Diagonal is a deluxe 1/10th wave mirror diagonal with 99% reflectivity dielectric coatings.
  • Fully CNC machined housing and includes 2 inch to 1.25 inch adapter.
  • This 2-inch Quartz Dielectric Diagonal features brass compression rings on both the diagonal and adapter assure gentle treatment of your eyepieces.
  • Fully machine threaded to accept 2 inch filters.

This 2-inch quartz dielectric mirror diagonal features 99% reflectivity, dielectric coatings to maximize light output of your telescope system. Our custom made diagonal uses a quartz mirror polished to 10th wave accuracy (or better) for best possible image quality.

Quartz dielectric diagonals provide greater thermal stability than comparable glass diagonals, resulting in minimal thermal expansion and contraction. This quartz diagonal, therefore, minimizes focus position change due to variations in temperature.

This 2-inch quartz dielectric diagonal also features a CNC machined housing. The CNC machined aluminum housing will provide outstanding results for years of use. This housing is designed to retain the optimal collimation of the mirror and assure the best optical performance.

This diagonal also includes brass compression rings on both diagonal and the included 2 inch to 1.25 inch adapter, assuring gentle treatment of your eyepieces. Some other brands use set screw locking mechanisms that can mar the barrel surface of your favorite eyepieces. Avoid scratches and gouges.

This quartz dielectric diagonal provides outstanding performance with low prices to provide amateur astronomers with excellent value!