Used NexImage Mono Solar System Imager 1.2MP (95519)

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This is an older NexImage Solar System Imager with a resolution of 1.2MP = 1280 x 960.  It is clean and looks to be in practically unused condition.  This is the Mono version (95519); there is also a color version.  This original NexImage camera would be a good model for beginners. Bullet proof and easy to use and learn. 
With a relatively inexpensive set of LRGB filters, you can get a great introduction to and practice with using filters and the post-processing associated with them.  If you're a beginner and want to experiment to see if this is for you, this is a great way to start out inexpensively.  
  • Aptina AR0132AT Monochrome CMOS Sensor
  • High Resolution 1280 x 960 Images
  • Exposures as Fast as 0.0001 of a Second
  • Fits 1.25" Focusers and C-Thread Backs
  • iCap and Registax Software

The NexImage Burst Monochrome CCD Eyepiece Camera from Celestron is a monochrome astroimager designed to capture images of the Sun, Moon, and planets with our solar system. It's compatible with any computerized telescope or a non-computerized telescope with a tracking motor drive. Use the 1.25" nosepiece to quickly swap the NexImage with an eyepiece, or directly connect it to a C-mount back.

A Aptina AR0132AT monochrome CMOS sensor captures 1280 x 960 resolution images with exposure speeds from 1 second to as fast as 0.0001 of second. Using a monochrome imager lets you attach filters or filter wheels to capture specific color images then you're able to matte and layer with imaging software to create customized color images. The included Registax software analyzes each frame of video, throws away the ones affected by atmospheric turbulence, and perfectly aligns the best frames. With the ability to tweak settings such as the gamma, sharpness, RGB balance, and color mixing, the resulting image is bright, clear, and focused.

Imaging Performance

  • Aptina AR0132AT Monochrome CMOS
  • 1280x960 image resolution
  • Exposure range from 0.0001 to 1 second
  • Attach filters or a filter wheel to capture specific color images to matte and layer with imaging software to create customized color images

Software Compatibility

  • iCap
  • IC Capture
  • DirectShow
  • FireCapture