Used Orion Lanthanum 5.2mm Eyepiece, 1.25"

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This is a Japanese-made Orion 5.2mm Lanthanum eyepiece.  These were the clones of the equivalent Vixen models.  It is in beautiful condition, with completely clean optics and barrel.  This is like a high-powered orthoscopic eyepiece, but with an incredible eye relief of 20mm.  Great for using on the planets.  It comes with both end caps, but no box.  



Some eyepieces can really stymie those who need to use prescription glasses for optimum viewing. In fact, the miniscule eye relief offered by most eyepieces at higher powers can be uncomfortable for anyone. Our Lanthanum eyepieces cure that problem and offer superior performance as well. Each is endowed with generous 20mm eye relief. That means no more scrunching your eye right up to the glass, even with high power (short focal length) eyepieces. Best of all, if you wear eyeglasses, you can keep them on and still take in the entire field of view!

Made in Japan, these are the same Lanthanum eyepieces we carried before, just with a new chrome exterior. One of the six to eight lens elements is made from Lanthanum, a "rare earth" element that provides virtually total freedom from visual aberrations. Multilayer coatings on every air-to-glass lens surface yield the very sharp, bright, high-contrast Lanthanum eyepieces feature pop-down rubber eyecups, shown here in retracted position for viewing with eyeglasses on.

Most eyepiece designs sacrifice eye relief (ie., comfort) as power increases. Our Lanthanum eyepieces are different. Can you imagine using a 2.3mm or 3.8mm or 5.2mm eyepiece and enjoying 20mm eye relief? Believe it! Captive setscrew recess. Threaded for filters. Soft rubber eyecups. Apparent field 45 (2.3mm- 5.2mm), 50° (7.5mm-25mm). 1.25" barrels.

Brand and Model: Orion Lanthanum 5.2mm
Fully multi-coated
Type: Plossl
Focal Length: 5.2 mm
Barrel Size: 1.25
Apparent FOV: 45 degrees
Field Stop Dia.: 0.0 mm
Eye Relief: 20 mm
Elements: 6