Used Stellarvue Nighthawk II 80mm Refractor - PROJECT SCOPE - AS-IS

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Condition:  This is a used Stellarvue Nighthawk II, an 80mm f/6 achromatic refractor that we estimate is approximately 15 years old.  The optics are in good condition, as is the scope itself, with one important exception:  the focuser does not work.  

This is selling as a bargain because it is a project scope.  As you rotate the focus knob, the focuser does not move. 

If you're handy and think you can fix the focuser, then this might be a huge bargain for you.

It comes in its own padded Stellarvue case.  

This is a project scope.  You will need to figure out how to get the focuser working again yourself.  Therefore, this scope is sold AS-IS, and like all of our used gear, there are NO RETURNS


With Stellarvue NightHawk II 80mm Telescope w/ Dual Focuser SVNH2 you don't have to settle for a mass-produced Telescopes, when you can have a genuine Stellarvue Nighthawk Telescope, and enjoy both wide field and high power viewing. Stellarvue Telescopes and Accessories makes one-of-a-kind F-6 multicoated 80 mm telescope that is air-spaced, hand-figured, free of both astigmatism and misalignment, and comes with a blackened edge for increased contrast.

Specifications for Stellarvue NightHawk II 80mm Telescope SVNH2:

Aperture:   80mm
Focal Length (mm):   480
Focal Ratio:   f/6.0
Length (Min. Tube):   14.625"

Features of Stellarvue SVNH2 NightHawk 2 Telescope w/ Dual Focuser:

  • Factory adjustable aluminum cell to maintain perfect alignment
  • Baffled tubes with ultra flat black interior
  • Star-tested at Stellarvue Headquarters

Package Contents:

  • Stellarvue NightHawk II 80mm Telescope w/ Dual Focuser SVNH2
  • Standard 2" dovetail mount
  • Stellarvue red dot finder
  • Fully rotating, 2" Dual speed Crayford focuser
      SKU: U2111-SV80project