Used Stellarvue SV70T APO Triplet Package

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Condition: This used Stellarvue SV70T apo triplet is in good condition.  The optics are whistle-clean and everything is well-cared for.  While this is an excellent astrophotography scope, this scope already comes with everything you need for visual observations as well.  This scope includes:  

  • Stellarvue SFFR-70APO 0.8x focal reducer/field flattener
  • 2'' dielectric diagonal
  • Three Stellarvue eyepieces in original boxes and caps:
    • EUWA-04.0 - an 82-degree 4mm with 1.25'' barrel
    • EUWA-07.0 - an 82-degree 7mm with 1.25'' barrel
    • E7026R - a 70-degree 20mm illuminated reticle with 2'' barrel
  • An Orion SWA 70-degree 20mm illuminated centering eyepiece with 1.25'' barrel
  • An illuminator that fits both the Stellarvue and Orion eyepieces
  • Stellarvue metal Red Dot Finder
  • Soft carrying case
The Stellarvue 70mm APO refractor is a triplet design with apochromatic lenses. With a focal length of 420mm and a focal ratio of f/6, a perfect balance of speed and image quality is acheived.  Every Stellarvue 70mm apochromatic refractor uses Ohara FPL-53 glass and is hand assembled and thoroughly inspected in the US.   Thanks to the extreme accuracy in each Stellarvue refractor's construction and the superior quality of the glass used for each lens, light focuses in high precision.  Additional high broadband coatings on each optical surface further enhances the natural high contrast and brilliance produced by a Stellarvue APO refractor.  99% of the visual spectrum is transmitted to your eye or camera.  A completely flat black tube interior with baffling further enhances the apparent contrast.  The combination of a small focal ratio and high strehl optics create a beautiful wide field of view for imaging with incredible performance for visual observing.  Heavy duty dual tube rings are included.  Machined from aluminum for a lighter weight and stronger long term performance, each ring is hinged for easy removal of the optical tube.  Additional 1/4-20" holes are included to attach a variety of accessories and dovetails.    A thickly padded airline ready case is also included to provide a safe place for your Stellarvue telescope to be stored and transported.  Room is left for additional accessories like a diagonal, eyepieces and a flattener.   The Stellarvue 2.5" rack and pinion focuser offers dual speed (11:1) control and smooth operation.  With a generous 2.875" of focus travel, the Stellarvue focuser makes a perfect focuser for both imaging and observing.  An internal break system was included to allow for load adjustments, to prevent slippage and to offer additional safety when coupled with heavy imaging system.   A retractible dew shield is also included which serves as a simple but handy way to reduce dew at night and as a lens shade during the day.    

2" Diagonal

The Stellarvue diagonal delivers 99% reflectivity for brilliantly bright views, and offers a comfortable angle for extended viewing sessions. 

  • 70mm Ohara FPL-53 optical glass with ultra broadband coatings. 

  • 420mm focal length (f/6)

  • Machined aluminum tube finished in a durable white finish with ultra-flat black painted interior. 

  • Outer Diameter of Tube: 82mm

  • Dew Shield Diameter: 3.5" (89mm)

  • Tube Length: 14.75" with dew shield extended, 12" when contracted

  • Tube Weight with Rings & Dovetail: 5.6 lbs. 

  • Tube Weight: 4.4 lbs. 

  • Focuser: 2.5" Rack and Pinion Focuser with Dual Speed and 2" and 1.25" Compression Ring Adapters

  • Rings: R70SET Dual Hinged Rings

  • Dovetail: V series

  • Case: C19 Padded Airline Ready Case


Name Stellarvue - SV70T 70mm f/6 APO Triplet Refractor Telescope
Manufacturer Stellarvue
Model STV-SV070T-25SV
In The Case 70mm Triplet Refractor Optical Tube with 2.5" Rack & Pinion Focuser and 2" - 1.25" Adapter with Compression Ring;Dual Tube Rings;Stellarvue field flattener/0.8x focal reducerStellarve 99% 2'' diagonal4 eyepieces (described below)Stellarvue metal RDF
Telescope Aperture 3" and Under
Aperture 70 mm
Approx. Weight 4.4 lbs. without rings and dovetail, 5.6 lbs. with.
Baffling yes
Case Stellarvue C19 thickly padded airline carry-on case
Eyepiece Compatibility 2" or 1.25"
Eyepieces Stellarvue 4mm and 7mm 82-degree 1.25'' barrelStellarvue 70-degree 20mm illuminated with 2'' barrelOrion 70-degree 20mm illuminated with 1.25'' barrel
Focal Length 420 mm
Focuser 2.5" dual speed Stellarvue rack and pinion focuser with 2" and 1.25" compression ring adapters
Optical Tube aluminum tube
Optical tube diameter 82 mm
Optical Tube Length 14 3/4”
SKU: U2202-JLB-SV70T

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