Used TEC 160FL f/7

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Condition: This is a used TEC 160FL in excellent condition.  The optics are flawless.  This telescope sells new for $12,500 . . . when you can get one.  Our understanding is that there is a wait list of over 4 months for this scope from TEC itself.  Why wait?  Get yours at a discount now!  

TEC 160 OTA with Rings and Dual Losmandy dovetail plates, lens cap, and includes the dedicated Field Flattener!


APO160FL has excellent color correction thanks to glass combined with Fluorite as a middle element.

Clear aperture 160 mm
Focal length 1120 mm
Focal ratio 7.0
Resolution (theoretical) 0.75 arc sec
Tube diam. 6.42″ / 163 mm
Tube length (retracted) 39.4″ / 1000 mm
Tube length (extended) No data
Tube weight 24 lb / 11 kg


Testing and Quality Assurance

TEC Telescopes go through rigorous testing to ensure top quality performance. Newtonian Rings are used throughout the glass production process and we then use an interferometer to correct any remaining imperfections. Every telescope is then tested vigorously to reach the most optimum Strehl ratio possible. Rest assured that your telescope has been optimized to be as optically perfect as possible. If the objective does not reach Yuri’s expectations, the telescope will not be shipped. As a strict policy, TEC will not release telescope test reports. 



An extension of the highly popular APO140FL, the APO160FL F/7 allows the observer to delve deeper into the beauty of space.

  • The TEC APO160FL F/7 features an oil-spaced apochromatic-triplet objective with a Fluorite (CaF2) middle element, resulting in color correction that is optimized for visual use and imaging. This oil-spaced triplet design in combination with multi-layer coatings on all surfaces of the objective ensure maximal light transmission.
  • The objective is housed in an aluminum cell, providing for excellent thermoregulation properties while remaining lightweight and strong.
  • The optical assembly sits in a lightweight aluminum tube that utilizes anti-reflective coating and sharp-edged baffles throughout the interior and forget about collimation – after the scope leaves TEC, no adjustment is required.
  • Further, the crisp all white assembly projects the elegant, handcrafted quality that TEC is known for. Expect deep contrast and rich, natural color out of this compact and timeless design.
  • Each APO160FL F/7 comes equipped with a Starlight Instruments FTF#3545 Feather Touch Focuser that was designed in collaboration with TEC. This is Starlight Instruments’ largest rotating focuser with coarse and fine focusing 9:1 Planetary Reduction Assembly.
  • The 2” locking metal collet is insensitive to temperature fluctuations and holds loads with high precision and concentricity. 
  • Available for purchase as a Binocular Telescope. This requires the purchase of 2 APO160FL F/7.
  • Able to accommodate a wide variety of eyepieces and mounts.

In classic refractor fashion, the TEC APO160FL F/7 is a no compromise, no frills design that lets the wonders of nature speak for themselves. Wait times may also be longer than initially quoted. Rest assured that we are working diligently to complete and ship every telescope on order.  

Recommended Accessories:

  • Precision adjustable Tube Rings
  • 12” Dovetail Plate and Carry Handle facilitate easy transportation and fit seamlessly with most mounts. The larger size fits effortlessly with our larger models.
  • 160mm Field Flattener with an 85mm back focus (included with scope; see below).
  • Optional 10×60 Baader Vario Finderscope with a TEC Finder Bracket and Base for Telescope mounting.

Field Flattener

The TEC Prime Focus Field Flattener corrects field curvature and off-axis astigmatism. The edge of field distortion is less than 0.5%. The focal distance from the flange to the focal plane of the back focus is 79mm for the APO160FL F/7.  

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