Used TMB 8mm Supermonocentric eyepiece

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This is a used TMB 8mm Supermonocentric eyepiece in excellent condition with clean optics.  Comes in a bolt case.  

A review of this line of eyepieces is available here.  These eyepieces were designed by the late, great eyepiece designer, Thomas Back, to maximize contrast with the fewest glass-to-air surfaces possible.  This makes using the supermonocentrics especially rewarding for teasing out the absolute most detail while planetary observing.  These eyepieces are no longer produced and new ones simply do not exist.  

This 1.25" Super Monocentric TMB eyepiece is a unique medium high power eyepiece that will reward the serious lunar/planetary observer with the best images that his or her telescope and skies are capable of producing. Naturally, the highest quality optics will benefit the most from its performance.

It works particularly well with the unobstructed optics of a good refractor, particularly the color-free performance of an apochromat or a quality f/15 achromat. High quality and accurately collimated equatorial reflectors with focal ratios of f/6 and above are also quite suitable Quality Schmidt- and Maksutov-Cassegrains 7” in aperture and larger will also perform well, although their fields will be quite narrow (on a 2000mm focal length SCT the field is little more than 7 arc minutes across). With its relatively narrow 30° field of view, this eyepiece is not designed to encompass open clusters or large scale faint objects. Even on a very short 540mm focal length refractor its field of view is still less than half a degree across.

The buyer should recognize that this eyepiece is optimized for the highest possible contrast and highest definition lunar, planetary, and binary star images, not faint object deep space observing. The highest quality and best maintained optics will benefit most from this eyepiece.

Brand and Model: TMB Super Monocentric 8mm
Type: Monocentric
Focal Length: 8 mm
Barrel Size: 1.25
Apparent FOV: 30.0 degrees
Eye Relief: 6 mm
Elements: 3
    SKU: U2202-MD-TMB-SMC8