Used ZWO 5-position Mini-EFW (Electronic Focus Wheel) - 1 1/4" - with 4 LRGB ZWO filters installed + Orion SkyGlow Imaging filter


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This is a ZWO 5-position mini-Electronic Focus Wheel in excellent condition.  It includes 4 ZWO filters (a $148 value!), already installed: 

  • Red
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Luminance

We do have the jewel box for these filters.  The filters are in very good condition, with only some minor dust - with one important exception.  The Red filter has major scratches all over it.  See the photos; the actual condition of the one scratched filter is worse than what you see in the photo.  This has been taken into consideration in the pricing.  

It also includes a fifth filter, an Orion SkyGlow imaging filter (a $100 value!) already installed.  If these filters aren't the ones you want, you can disassemble the wheel, and then unscrew and replace the filters as necessary.  This includes two nosepieces, front and back, and the USB cable.  

This does not include a box, but can be shipped. 

This is a package that would sell new for $447, and it's yours for half that!  


The Smallest & Lightest Electronic Filter Wheel in the World!

The ZWO EFW Mini Electronic Filter Wheel, or EFWMini, is amazingly small and lightweight! It weighs just 10.58 ounces (300g) and this filter wheel is super thin at only .79”, or 20mm! This ZWO EFWMini electronic filter wheel is small enough to fit in your hand, but it is rugged. The black anodized body is CNC machined from a block of aircraft-grade aluminum, and the stepper motor is made in Japan by NPM.

This filter wheel accepts up to five 1.25" mounted or 31mm unmounted filters, accommodating the popular LRGB or SHO filters with room to spare! This makes the ZWO EFW Mini Position Electronic Filter Wheel a great match for monochrome camera setups, however with the variety of interesting one-shot color compatible filters on the market today this is a great addition to color imaging rigs as well. ZWO has additionally ensured that this filter wheel works with their popular WiFi Control system as well as the well supported ASCOM system, meaning you can be up and running in no time flat.

Easy Imaging Train Integration

Whether you're looking to install this in a visual back setup or fully threaded optical train, the ZWO EFW Mini Electronic Five-Position Filter Wheel has you covered! Included in the box are adapters that work in combination with ZWO camera packages to install the filter wheel and your Pro cooled or uncooled camera; simply follow the system chart below to create either a 1.25" imaging setup or a threaded train set around the industry standard backfocus. This will work with cameras designed with similar native backspacing to ZWO cameras, just note that you may need to source some of the spacers/ adapters separately.

Capacity, Convenient Control, and Comprehensive Accessories!

The ZWO EFW Mini Electronic Five-Position Filter Wheel squeezes in space for 1.25"/ 31mm filters, includes industry standard PC control features, and comes with number of handy accessories out of the box to make adding this into your imaging rig an easy process.


Filter Compatability
The five position color filter wheel, which can rotate in either direction, accepts either 1.25” threaded (max thickness is 7 mm for the filter & 3 mm for the threads) or 31mm unthreaded filters, which are sold separately. Use 1.25" filters for no vignetting with systems of f/5 or higher. If you have a very fast system of f/2 to f/4, you should use the 31 mm unthreaded filters for the best results!


Means of Control
Control of the filter wheel is handled via an external device connect to the USB 2.0 port on this product. To ensure wide compatibility, ZWO has ensured this is not just compatible with their popular ASIAIR systems but also the widely used ASCOM standard - allowing you to control this from a wide variety of PC software! This often allows for not just easy filter changes, but also the ability to schedule filter changes in the planning tools commonly available with these programs - opening up automation possibilities.


ZWO EFW Specifications
Filter Slots: 5
Filter Sizes Supported: 1.25" mounted thread-in filters, 31mm unmounted filters
Filter Thickness Supported: Threaded filters with a housing shorter than 7mm above the threaded section
Back Spacing Added By Filter Wheel: 20mm
Front Connection: M42/ T2
Rear Connection: M42/ T2
External Power Required? No
Data Interface: USB-B 2.0
Weight: 300g