Used ZWO ASI183MC Pro USB3.0 Cooled Color Astronomy Camera

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Condition: This is a used ZWO ASI183MC color camera great condition although some pieces are missing. The camera body and sensor are clean and in excellent condition. All spacers, one of the extenders, and the quick guide are missing from this item, which is reflected in the price. Comes in original box. 




The careful design of the ASI183MC Pro from ZWO results in an impressive astrophotography performance, allowing for an increase in signal collection while simultaneously decreasing noise. This, when paired with its high quality Sony sensor, offers a color camera with high sensitivity and exceptionally low noise, resulting in stunning images packed with clarity and detail!



The impressive 20-megapixel Sony IMX180CQJ-J sensor offers incredible resolution within the images captured, and the peak quantum efficiency of 84% and low readout noise of 1.6e result in a superb signal to noise ratio. Optimizing its astrophotography performance is the inclusion of the large full well capacity of 15Ke and back illumination of the sensor, producing photos with incredible detail and low noise. Reduce noise even more by cooling your camera to 30-40 degrees Celsius below ambient temperature with the integrated two stage TEC cooling! You can rest assured knowing every frame captured is safe and secure with the onboard 256MB DDR3 memory buffer and transferred reliably through the 5Gb bandwidth USB3.0 port. Achieve the perfect back focus right from the get go, as every adapter needed is included within this package, allowing you to start imaging in no time! These incredible aspects make the ASI183MC Pro one of the most popular astrophotography cameras on the market today.

    A High Performance, Professional Camera for Astrophotography

    Let's Dig into the Data!

    What sets one astrophotography camera apart from another? How is performance measured? Camera and sensor manufacturers provide certain interconnected specifications that give insight into the performance of a camera. These measurements include quantum efficiency, read noise, full well depth, gain, and dynamic range. While the graphs provided by the manufacturer may be confusing or intimidating, don't fret! Our team has put together a breakdown of these complicated topics to help you make sense of them. Take a look at the article here: Understanding ZWO Camera Charts and Graphs, and feel more confident making the right choice for your astrophotography needs!


    High Resolution Sony IMX180CQJ-J Sensor
    Utilizing the onboard rolling shutter-type Sony IMX180CQJ-J sensor, the ASI183MC Pro produces images packed with clarity and vivid color. Handling noise effectively is its high peak QE of 84%, low readout noise of 1.6e, and the back-illuminated design of the sensor, making for an incredibly sensitive camera with an exceptional signal to noise ratio (SNR). This 20-megapixel sensor has a high resolution of 5496x3672 and small pixel size of 2.4um, capturing as much detail as possible. The large full well capacity of 15Ke paired with the 12bit ADC results in 12 stops of dynamic range, delivering excellent contrast and sharpness!


    Electronic Highlights
    Offering sharper, cleaner images is the integrated two stage TEC cooling, lowering the temperature of your sensor down to 35 degrees Celsius below ambient temperature. By cooling your camera, a reduction in sensor noise along with reduced dark current allows for long exposures produced with incredibly low noise! Guaranteeing reliability of data transmission, the onboard 256MB DDR3 memory buffer ensures the data you capture is preserved and safely relayed to your computer. This included memory buffer along with equipped firmware features allow for a reduction in amp-glow, maximizing the clarity captured within your images.


    Power and Ports
    All ZWO cooled cameras require an external 11-14v power supply through the DC 12V port to work. We suggest the Apertura Universal 5 Amp AC Adapter. For fast and reliable data transmission, connect your ASI183MC Pro to your computer through the onboard USB3.0 port. Its 5Gb bandwidth gives the ASI183MC the ability to run at 19FPS in 12-bit normal mode or 19FPS in 10bit high-speed mode, both at full 20-megapixel resolution. Aiding in cable management, the integrated USB2.0 hub offers the ability to connect two extra devices, such as a guide camera and electronic focuser! Included with the ASI183MC Pro is one USB3.0 cable and two USB2.0 cables, readying you for a night of imaging.


    Everything Needed for Proper Backfocus Spacing
    The daunting task of finding the perfect backfocus is a breeze with the ASI183MC Pro, as ZWO has included everything you need for the proper distances within your imaging train! The included adapters and spacers allow you to get you out and imaging in no time. Wanting to add additional accessories to your optical assembly? The ample amount of adapters make it easy to seamlessly adjust and swap out other ZWO accessories such as an OAG or Filter Drawer. Take a look at the images provided for more insight into how to connect your camera to your telescope!