Introducing the Meade LX65

Introducing the Meade LX65

Meade has been quiet on the new product front for entry level computerized telescopes, but turns out they've been working away on something new: The LX65 series.

January 2019 Update: We are beginning to get limited inventory of some models. Come into the store to check out the mount for yourself!

These new mounts are clearly targeted directly at the Celestron NexStar SE series, with similar price points. What sets the LX65 apart is the dual-saddle configuration of this mount. Not only can you get an 8" Advanced Coma Free scope on this mount for $1199 - you can mount a second scope along side it! This is perfect for outreach and public events where having twice the scopes is a benefit for crowds eager to have a look. This should also be a great solar setup with an H-alpha scope on one side, and a white light filter on the main scope.

The carry handle is a nice touch with this mount, and should make setup and takedown a little easier. We are looking forward to seeing these new scopes in person and giving them a test drive!

Product Specs

5” MAK
6” MAK
6” ACF
8” ACF
Product Number
7 09942 99886 3
7 09942 99887 0
7 09942 99888 7
7 09942 99889 4
5” (127mm)
6” (150mm)
6” (152mm)
8” (203mm)
Focal Length
Optical Design
Advanced Coma-Free (ACF)
Advanced Coma-Free (ACF)
Optical Coatings
Ultra High Transmission Coating (UHTCTM)
26mm Super Plössl,1.25”
Red Dot Viewfinder
Single Speed Internal Focuser
Vixen Style
Handbox Controller
Eight(8) C size batteries or 12v external power
Control Panel Ports
• Handbox • Aux1 port • Aux2 port • 12v power
Dovetail Saddle
Vixen-style on primary and secondary saddles
Secondary Saddle
Vixen-style with horizontal and vertical adjustments to allow alignment with primary optical tube
Max Payload of Secondary Saddle
7 lbs.
Mount Type
Single arm alt-azimuth with ability to hold two optical tubes.
Bubble Level/Compass
Software DVD
Meade Autostar® Suite Astronomy Planetarium
Mount/Tripod Weight
• Mount: 18.7 lbs. • Tripod: 8.5 lbs.
Mount/Tripod Dimensions
33.5” x 39” x 63.5”
OTA Weight
6.2 lbs.
12.7 lbs.
9.14 lbs.
11.10 lbs.
OTA Dimensions
5.8” x 14.3”
7.5” x 18.1”
8.5” x 16.5”
9.8” x 18.1”
Assembled Product Weight
34.2 lbs.
40.2 lbs.
37.8 lbs.
39.5 lbs.
Assembled Product Dimensions
33.5” x 39” x 60”
33.5” x 39” x 63”
33.5” x 39” x 62.5”
33.5” x 39” x 62.5” 

Pre-order Details

You can pre-order your LX65 from Mile High Astronomy for earliest availability here: Meade LX65 Product Page.

We expect to have these scopes in stock in late September; order now to ensure availability.

Meade Press Release


we believe the universe should be accessible at a moment’s notice, and the new LX65 Series combines advanced

features and premium optics in an easy-to-use telescope system.


The LX65 features a newly designed single arm mount with Meade’s AudioStar® Hand controller. This new mount is compact, yet sturdy, providing a great combination of portability and performance. Additionally, the LX65 has the ability to hold two optical tubes, making your experience twice as enjoyable! With its quick and portable setup, you’re ready to start observing in minutes. The LX65 system breaks down into 3 compact pieces and does not require any tools, making it a breeze to transport to your favorite dark sky location!

This sturdy mount uses AudioStar®, a database containing over 30,000 objects for you to observe! With a push of a button, let the AudioStar® Astronomer Inside take you in a guided tour of tonight’s best objects in the sky! With its built-in speaker, you will be able to learn so much about the objects you’re viewing, it’s like having an astronomer there with you!

Aligning your telescope is simple and straightforward, too. With a simple 2-star alignment procedure, you will be observing the sky in minutes. AudioStar® will find two bright objects and once they are centered in your eyepiece, simply and press ALIGN and you’re ready to go!

This versatile scope features two dovetail receivers that allows you to use two optical tubes at once. Attach up to a 7lb ota on the secondary saddle for a chance to observe your objects both in wide field or close up. This added versatility makes the LX65 great for community outreach or sharing the night sky with others and will be sure to impress anyone with its technology and optics.


The LX65 is available in 4 different models, a 5” and 6” Maksutov-Cassegrain, and a 6” and 8” Advanced Coma-Free (ACFTM) optical system. These optical tubes feature large apertures

The LX65 is an ideal high-resolution visual observing instrument, but is also fully qualified for the more advanced areas of astronomy, including planetary astrophotography. Observe Saturn’s rings, the surface of the Moon, and even the cloud bands on Jupiter in great detail. Want to see deep-sky objects? Head to your favorite

dark-sky location and you’ll see the Galaxies, star clusters, and more!

For the truly discerning astronomer who will not be satisfied with anything but the very best, the ACF takes all of the features of traditional telescope models and then ups the ante. With its technologically superior optical design, ACF gives a flatter, coma-free field of view free of diffraction spikes and with pinpoint images all the way to the edge of the field, rivaling Ritchey-Chrétien performance at a fraction of the cost. ACF is the perfect solution for the serious astro-imager or visual astronomer looking for observatory-class optics.

Combining a sophisticated level of performance, the LX65 Series gives quality features and Meade’s legendary optics with a price tag designed to work for most budgets.