Sell Us Your Used Gear

Please Note: Our used gear guru is on vacation through July 8th. We won't be accepting any used gear or trade-ins or providing any estimates until then. We will also not be accepting any larger items until August.

Mile High Astronomy will selectively accept used astronomy gear that is in good working condition for direct purchase, trade-in, or consignment.

We require a minimum used gear value of $250 for trade-ins or purchases, and a minimum of $1000 used gear value for consignments. Used values are calculated based on market research for what we expect to be able to sell your items for. Lots of smaller items are accepted, but individual items below these thresholds will not be considered.

Transaction Type Purchase Trade-in Consignment
Minimum Equipment Value $250 $250 $1000
Percentage paid to you 60% 65% 70%
Payment occurs  upon acceptance of the used gear. upon acceptance of the used gear discounted from your purchase. (Transactions must occur at the same time.) Approximately 4 weeks after the final sale of the used gear.


Items We Accept

  • Telescopes and Mounts from 2014 and newer in good working order.
  • Questar telescopes of any age or vintage.
  • Classic/vintage Optical Tubes without mounts.
  • Eyepieces, Filters, Diagonals, and other optical accessories.
  • Current/Recent model electronic accessories (Celestron StarSense Autoalign, ASI Air Pro, etc)
  • Most ZWO Products
  • DSLR/Mirrorless Digital Cameras (Canon, Nikon, Sony) from within the last ~7 years.
  • H-alpha telescopes may selectively be accepted on consignment only.
  • Estate Collections

Items We Don't Accept

  • We are no longer accepting solar filters or solar telescopes on purchase or trade-in. 
  • No starter/department store telescopes. If you bought it for less than $400, our customers won't be interested.
  • No Tasco brand items.
  • No telescopes older than 2014, with the exception of select vintage models.
  • No older Celestron or Meade motor drive fork mounted telescopes.
  • No astronomical cameras with exceptions for ZWO and Celestron products.
  • No items that are rusty, or in poor condition.

Ready to sell your gear?

Send an email to including a list of items you wish to sell and associated photos. We will get back to you typically within 2-3 business days. 

Any pricing provided before final acceptance of the equipment are estimates and not commitments to accept the items. Items must be delivered to our store to be evaluated before being accepted and having final value determined. Please do not ship anything to us until we have determined we are interested in your items. You are responsible for all shipping costs including return shipping for any items not accepted.