We Make Astronomy Fun and Inspiring!

Founded in 2018, Mile High Astronomy is the new telescope and astronomy resource for Denver, Colorado, the Rocky Mountain region, and beyond.

My name is Sorin, and I wanted to create a new kind of Telescope shopping experience: One that puts the focus not on the equipment, but on creating amazing and engaging experiences by bringing the universe and the night sky to you!

Our Mission and Values

  • Fun - We believe in creating WOW moments! Forget what you learned in school – astronomy and science is fun and inspiring, and we want you to have fun on your journey of discovery!
  • Approachable - We want to make exploring the stars easy, and frustration free. All too often, you can't find the right guidance to get the right telescope for you. Our online buyers guide and staff of active amateur astronomers will set you on the right course to the telescope for you!
  • Meaningful Connections - We believe that when someone gets a glimpse of the cosmic perspective, they become more empathic. That empathy helps build a stronger and more inclusive community, both locally and globally. (Astronauts call this the Overview Effect.) We believe in connecting people, through events, classes, local organizations, and educational outreach.
  • Inspiring Experiences - We choose to #OptUp, to look to the Moon, the Planets, and the Stars. We choose to imagine the what-ifs and the future adventurers that will reach out and touch distant worlds. We believe in creating future scientists and explorers by delivering and nurturing a fun and engaging introduction to the universe, science, and discovery!


Why Buy from Us

  • We are Astronomers - Everyone at Mile High Astronomy is a Night Sky Guide: passionate about astronomy, and passionate about sharing those magical experiences that can only be found among the stars and planets!
  • Service and Trust - We will always deal honestly and transparently, and put our focus on delivering an out-of-this-world experience to everyone we work with.
  • Only Quality Products - You'll notice we don't offer all the telescopes that competitors do. That's because we have created a curated list of products that we know you'll be delighted with. If a scope doesn't meet our standards, it isn't in our catalog.
  • Recommended Products - A step beyond just a quality product, products marked as STAFF PICK are the cream of the crop for their category and price.
  • We are Guides, not sales people - We mean it! Nobody here works on commission, and we aren't going to try to sell you anything you don't want. In fact, we understand that it often takes two or three visits to figure out what you want, and we're happy to take the time to provide guidance, offer recommendations, and answer questions. Our focus is to provide the gear and knowledge you need to have your own amazing experiences, because that's what good guides do!
  • Competitive Pricing - Our pricing is the same as our competitors, with products where it is applicable set at Manufacturer's Minimum Advertised Price (MAP). Moreover, we provide the added product knowledge, support, and guidance you simply can't get from a general retailer.
  • Sales Tax - As of December 1, 2018, all businesses with a minimum sales volume in Colorado are required to collect and remit Colorado state and local sales taxes, including out of state businesses. This tax law change eliminates sales tax avoidance by ordering from larger out of state companies or online marketplaces. Our store is located in Lakewood, CO, meaning a tax rate 1.31% lower than Denver if you visit us in person. So, for a short drive, you could actually pay a lower tax rate buying in our store. Currently we collect and remit sales taxes for Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio. We remain below the collection thresholds for other states.
Since the price and tax are the same, with the added value of being able to see and touch a wide range of products, our expertise, and community, why not buy local from other astronomers!


    About The Owner

    Mile High Astronomy was founded by Sorin, an astrophotographer, author, blogger (http://soggyastronomer.com), astronomical artist, and active member of the Denver Astronomical Society. He has a passion for astronomy, and loves to share that passion.

    Sorin worked as a Software Product Manager and Director in Fortune 500 companies for 15 years in the entertainment and education spaces. Before founding Mile High Astronomy, Sorin developed AstroBox, the Astronomy and Space Science subscription box service. Mile High Astronomy is an outgrowth of Sorin's volunteering and public outreach to engage and inspire more people of all ages in the wonders of discovery!