Telescope Repair Services

At this time, Mile High Astronomy does not offer any telescope repair, cleaning, or collimation services. We are also not aware of any such service providers in the state of Colorado. 

We can take a look at your telescope and help determine if it needs collimation or repair, but we are not a provider for these services.


We do not offer collimation services, but collimation is a task that can be easily accomplished by most people with little training. There are numerous video tutorials available on YouTube on how to do it, and we do sell cleaning and collimation tools to help you complete the process yourself.

Optical Cleaning

We do not offer mirror or lens cleaning. If there is just some dust on the optics, this will have no effect on the view, and not something that needs cleaning. For stains or spots on optics, professional cleaning is sometimes available from the original manufacturer.

Telescope Repairs

At least half the calls we get asking for telescope repairs are in fact really a setup issue with the telescope. We often hear, "It won't focus", and most of the time, it's because of a misunderstanding about how the telescope should be used, how the focuser works, or a poor quality or damaged eyepiece. In these cases, we can often help troubleshoot the problem in a few minutes. In those other cases where there really is damage to the mirrors or lenses, our best recommendation is to contact the manufacturer about repair or replacement.

Mounts and Electronics

We do not provide serving for telescope mounts or electronic components. In some cases, we are able to order parts for current model products, but we do not offer repair or install services for these parts. Again, we suggest contacting the manufacturer for servicing.