What is #OptUp?

What is #OptUp?

One of our core beliefs at Mile High Astronomy, is that what we do is accessible to everyone. We are all under the same night sky, with opportunities to explore the universe laid out above our heads each and every night! (Well, at least the clear nights!)

#OptUp is our way of encouraging you – yes, YOU – to step outside on those clear nights, and turn your gaze skyward. It doesn't matter if you have a telescope, binoculars, or just your eyes, there are amazing wonders up there waiting for you to discover them. We created the hashtag #OptUp based on inspiration from REI and their #OptOutside events every Black Friday. Their goal and ours is to get you outside and exploring.

Check this space for blog posts about what to see up there, and how to see and experience what the wider universe has to offer. If you've had an #OptUp experience, use the hashtag when you share on social media, and please tag us @MileHighAstro on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. We want to hear your stories and see your pictures.

How will you choose to #OptUp?

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