ASI533MC Pro (Color)


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ASI 533MC Pro

Cooled Entry Level Camera for Deep Space Photography

The ASI533MC Pro adopts a Sony back-illuminated IMX533 sensor, which is a 1" square-frame sensor suitable for deep sky photography needs. It can be regarded as an upgrade of the ASI183 series. Not only does it retain the high-quality features of the ASI183, such as high QE and high frame rate, it also features no amp glow, readout noise as low as 1.0e, pixel size of 3.76 μm and two-stage TEC cooling. 

Zero Amp Glow

Traditional CMOS sensors can generate weak infrared light, which is equivalent to a light source during exposures. The ASI533MC Pro uses a no-glow circuitry to ensure best -quality images regardless of gain or exposure length. 

2 Stage TEC Cooling

The 2-stage thermoelectric cooler can cool the CMOS sensor 35° below the ambient temperature (based on 30° ambient temperature test results), greatly reducing dark current and thereby improving the singal-to-noise ratio even with a long exposure of hundreds of seconds.

Note: The lower the ambient temperature is the smaller the Delta T is.  (We don't recommend the camera to be used under -20° C.) 

    Barcode: 0607467928276