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ECLIPSE ITEMS ARE NOT RETURNABLE Solar Eclipse Glasses, Solar Filters, Solar Telescopes, and other eclipse related accessories and memorabelia are not returnable due to the event based nature of these items.

The sun is a fascinating, dynamic object. Its surface is surprisingly detailed and changes frequently. The observing hours are more convenient. However, there are a few rules to follow before using your telescope on the sun. The first rule of solar observing is never point your telescope at the sun without a proper filter. The second rule of solar observing is always inspect the filter before placing it on your telescope prior to observing to ensure that there are no defects (scratches or pinholes) that could damage your eyes or equipment. If you discover any defects, DO NOT USE THE FILTER—IRREVOCABLE EYE DAMAGE COULD RESULT FROM THE USE OF A DAMAGED SOLAR FILTER. 

Each Astrozap Solar Filter is equipped with one or more plastic retaining screws, depending on the filter's size, that do not mar or scratch the telescope's finish. 
The glass filters produces an orangey image. Some solar observers prefer the warmer color produced by a glass filter. Buy an Astrozap solar filter and turn your present telescope into a solar observatory. 
A note on choosing a solar filter:
Each Astrozap solar filter size listing represents the outside diameter of the telescope's OTA or dew shield that the filter is designed to cover. We suggest that you measure the diameter of the objective end or dew shield of your OTA in millimeters and select a filter in a size large enough to cover the objective completely. For binoculars, measure the outside of both objective lenses Do not wait until the week of the event to confirm that your solar filter fits your telescope or binoculars, and can be secured in its place in front of your telescope's objective or binocular lenses. Once you receive your order, immediately check and verify that the filter is undamaged, that it fits over the objective(s) completely, and that the adjustment screws tighten enough to hold the filter in place. You must confirm this before attempting to point your telescope or binoculars at the sun in order to ensure that the filter protects your eyes and your equipment. If the filter does not completely cover the objective(s), or is loose and does not stay firmly in place, or if it shows signs of damage, do not use the filter or point your optical equipment at the sun. Ever. Notify Astrozap to obtain a replacement (but if you wait too long, Astrozap cannot guarantee that you will receive a replacement before the event). Failure to verify the integrity, full coverage and secure fastening of your filter before each use will result in damaged optics and permanent injury to your eyes.
Neither Astrozap nor Mile High Astronomy are liable for damages to persons or property resulting from the user's failure to exercise ordinary care in the ordering, installation, and use of a solar filter.
These are safe full aperture (sometimes referred as clear aperture) solar filters. This means that it allows the most light possible into the telescope because it allows the full aperture of your telescope to be viewed. The full aperture allows the best possible daytime viewing when there is minimal atmospheric turbulence. If turbulence is present a mask can be put over the end of the filter to effectively reduce the aperture.

This premium solar filter has an aluminum cell that is secured and centered to the tube end of the telescope with nylon thumb screws and felt padding. The clear aperture is made with high quality hand selected and inspected reflective coated glass. This is the highest quality, durable, glass, full aperture solar filter on the market. The sun is viewed in a natural yellowish-orange image. The filter can be used for direct viewing through the telescope or for photography.

The filter box is foam lined for protection and shock absorption during handling. It is durable enough to store the filter while not in use.

Size Matching Specifications for Full Aperture Glass Solar Filters


Your O.D. Measurement

Telescopes/Finders/Cameras/Spotting Scopes/Binoculars that Fit this Filter Size


1 5/8” (41mm) to1 7/8” (48mm)

Celestron FirstScope 60 (older), View Finders, Cameras, Small Refractors, Spotting Scopes, and Binoculars


1 7/8” (48mm) to2 1/8” (54mm)

View Finders, Cameras, Small Refractors, Spotting Scopes, and Binoculars


2” (51mm) to 2 ¼” (57mm)

View Finders, Cameras, Small Refractors, Spotting Scopes, and Binoculars; Celestron 9X50 finder; Williams Optics 7 X 50 finders


2 3/8” (60mm) to 2 5/8” (67mm)

View Finders, Cameras, Small Refractors, Spotting Scopes, and Binoculars; Meade:  DS-2060, M-40 AZ


2 5/8” (67mm) to 2 7/8” (73mm)


Meade 60 (older models), Refractors, Finders, Cameras, and Binoculars




2 7/8” (73mm) to 3 1/8” (79mm)

Celestron 60; Meade DS-60 EC; Orion 70; Takahashi FS-60; Vixen A70Lf


3 1/8” (79mm) to 3 3/8” (86mm)

Meade DS-80EC; StellarVue:  NightHawk 80mm (with dew shield), SV80s; Tele Vue Ranger; Takahashi FC-50, FC-60, FC-60C; Williams Optics ZS66, ZenithStar Racing; Zeiss Telementor Refractor


3 3/8” (86mm) to 3 5/8” (92mm)

Celestron FirstScope: 60 AZ & EQ, 80 EQ;  Meade: ETX-60AT, ETX-70AT; Orion: Observer 60 Altaz & EQ; Tele Vue-76, Tele Vue Pronto; Vixen: A80Mf, A80SSWT, ED81SWT


3 5/8” (92mm) to 3 7/8” (98mm)

Celestron 80 (old); Meade DS-70, ETX-80 AT-TC, DS 2080; Orion:  ShortTube 80, Observer 70, Astroview 80/90, Explorer 80/90; Takahashi SKY 9011; Vixen: ED8sf, ED100sf


3 7/8” (98mm) to 4 1/8” (105mm)

Meade ETX 90; Celestron: NexStar 60/80/80GT, FirstScope 90EQ; Orion:  StarMax 90, Apex 90; StellarVue:  NightHawk APLANAT, NIghtHawk Next Generation (with dew shield), SV809D (with dew shield); Questar 3.5; Williams Optics: ZS80 II ED, Megrez 80


4 1/8” (105mm) to 4 3/8” (111mm)

AstroPhysics 90mm; Meade DS-90; Tele Vue-85; GP-102; Orion ShortTube 90, GoScope 350; Transporter 70 EQ; Takahashi:  FS-78, FCL-90 (Sky 90); Vixen 4;


4 3/8 (111mm) to 4 5/8 (117mm)



Orion:  ED 80/100 refractors, StarMax/Apex 102, AstroView 100, SkyView Pro 100, C80 SLT; Vixen ED103SWT; Takahashi TSA-102; Williams Optics:  Megrez 90



4 5/8” (117mm) to 4 7/8” (124mm)

Celestron: FirstScope 76, NexStar 4/4SE, C4, 102HD; Meade: ETX 105, DSX 102, 2045; StellarVue:  SV102ED; Synta SkyWatcher 80 ED; Sky-Watcher: Evostar 80 ED; Questar 4.75”; Takahashi:  FSQ-106 NUH/FSQ-106 ED; Tele Vue: 101, 102; Vixen VMC110L


4 7/8” (124mm) to 5 1/8” (130mm)

Celestron C102 HD (older); Meade 5000 ED APO 80mm; Apogee; TMB 105


5 3/8” (137mm) to 5 5/8” (143mm)

Celestron FirstScope 102; Meade: 4500, DS-127, 4”APO, DS 2000, DS2114, POLARIS DS 114; Orion: AstroView 120 &120ST, SkyView Pro 120, StarBlast, StarMax 127, SkyView Pro 127, Apex 127; Sky-Watcher: Skymax 127; StellarVue:  SV4, SV102T; Takahashi: FS-102, 106 N, FSQ-106; Vixen 102; Williams Optics:  ZS110 APO, ZenithStar 105 (with dew shield), ZenithStar 110(with dew shield), FLT 110 APO, Megrez 110


5 5/8” (143mm) to 5 7/8” (149mm)

Celestron: C4.5, C5/5i, FirstScope 114, NexStar 5/5SE, NexStar 114, 130GT; Meade: ETX 125, 114 EQ; Orion:  ShortTube 4.5, SkyQuest XT4.5, 127 Mak.


5 7/8” (149mm) to 6 1/8” (156mm)

Meade: LXD-55 AR-5, 5000 ED APO 127mm; TeleVue-127NP; Vixen 114


6 1/8” (156mm) to 6 3/8” (162mm)

Meade 127 NT; Orion: SpaceProbe 130ST, StarSeeker 130, 130 EDFS; AstroPhysics: 125, 130; Bushnell Newtonian 5” reflector; Intes Micro MN56


6 ¾” (171mm) to 7” (178mm)

Celestron: C-150 CR, C-150 HD; Meade 5” APO,  DS2130; Orion: SpaceProbe 130, Sky Watcher 6"; StellarVue:  SV5 (with dew shield), SV125 (with dew shield); Takahashi FS-128; TOA-130 (with dew shield), TOA-150; Intes MK 67



7 1/8” (181mm) to 7 3/8” (187mm)

AstroPhysics 155; Celestron: NexStar 6/6SE, C6; Meade LXD 55 6" S/Newt; Orion: AstroView 6, SkyView Pro 6 & 6LT, SkyView Pro 3.6 CA, Skyview Deluxe 6 EQ, SkyQuest XT6; Vixen 150


7 5/8” (194mm) to 7 7/8” (199mm)

Meade Starfinder, MTS SN6, 6600 6”; Orion: SkyView Pro 150 Mak., DSE; Intes MK 603


8” (203mm) to 8 ¼” (210mm)

Meade LXD-55 AR-6", Meade 6" ED APO; Takahashi FCT-150; Intes Micro Alter M603; Questar 7”; Takahashi:  Mewlon-180; Orion 180 Mak.


8 3/8” (213mm) to 8 5/8” (219mm)

Celestron: Starhopper 6"


8 13/16” (224mm) to 9 1/16” (230mm)

Celestron 8” and Meade 8”  Schmidt-Cassegrain; Celestron: C8, C8+, Celestar 8, NexStar 8/8i/8SE, CPC800, CGE-800; Meade 8”: 2080, LX5, LX6, Premier, LX10, LX50, LXD-55, LXD-75, LX200, LX200R, LX200 GPS, LX90 GPS 8”; Discovery DHQ 6” Dob; Takahashi:  Epsilon-180ED; Vixen:  R200SS, VC200L, VMC200L, VMC260L


9 1/8” (232mm) to 9 3/8” (238mm)

Celestron: C8 / Newt.; Newstar 8” Dobsonians; Orion: SkyQuest XT8, Atlas 8, SkyView Pro 8, Orion Sky Watcher


9 3/8” (238mm) to 9 5/8” (244mm)

Meade Starfinder 8; Orion 8 DSE


9 5/8” (244mm) to 9 7/8” (251mm)

Meade LXD-55 8" S/Newt, Meade 7” APO; Takahashi 212


10 1/8” ( 257mm) to 10 3/8” (264mm)

Coulter 8"; Skywatcher 8” Reflector; Takahashi Epsilon 180 ED


10 3/8” (264mm) to 10 5/8” (270mm)

Celestron 9 ¼ S-C, Celestron StarHopper 8" Dobsonian


11 1/8” (283mm) to 11 3/8” (289mm)

Celestron 10" Newt; Orion SkyWatcher 10"



11 5/8” (295mm) to 11 7/8” (302mm)

Fits all Meade 10" Schmidt-Cassegrain’s: Meade 10" LX200 Series, Meade LXD-55 10" S/ NEWT, Meade LX90 GPS 10”, Meade RCX 400 10”


12 1/8” (308mm) to 12 3/8” (314mm)

Celestron: C11 SCT, StarHopper 10" Dobsonian; Meade 10” Lightbridge Dobsonian; Orion: SkyQuest XT10, Atlas 10; OPT’s Starhunter 10” Dobsonian


12 5/8” (321mm) to 12 7/8” (327mm)

Meade Starfinder 10; Coulter 10”; Takahashi:  FRC300, Mewlon 300


13 3/8” (340mm) to 13 5/8” (346mm)

Meade 12" Schmidt-Cassegrain’s: LX200 Series 12”, LX90 GPS 12”,  RCX 400 12”


14 7/8” (378mm) to 15 1/8” (384mm)

Orion 12.5"; 12” Dobs Zhumell


15 3/8” (391mm) to 15 5/8” (397mm)

Celestron 14” SCT


15 5/8” (397mm) to 15 7/8” (403mm)

Meade 14" Schmidt-Cassegrain’s: 14” LX200 Series , RCX 400 14”