Heritage 130 Table Top Dobsonian

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  • Large 130mm aperture delivers crisp, contrast-rich views of the moon, planets, and so much more.
  • Fast f/5 focal ratio, 650mm focal length
  • Borosilicate parabolic primary mirror with Sky-Watcher’s  proprietary Metallic High-Transmission Coatings (MHTC)™ 
  • Collapsible truss-tube design retains collimation while providing increased portability and easy storage
  • 1.25-inch helical focuser
  • Tabletop design with rubber feet to minimize vibration and increased stability

In 1668, Sir Isaac Newton invented the first reflector telescope. By using mirrors instead of optical lenses, Newton was able to increase the aperture of his telescope while reducing the overall size of the tube, leading to brighter views of the night sky. The Heritage 130 pays homage to this design by honoring some of the great astronomers throughout history: Galileo, Messier, Kepler, Newton, among others. By using a lightweight 130mm parabolic primary mirror and a smooth, manual azimuth mount, the Heritage 130 is the perfect blend of portability and aperture, just as Newton intended.

Collecting 319% more light than the human eye, the Heritage 130 is a powerful tabletop Dobsonian capable of delivering stunning views of planets, galaxies and nebulae while remaining affordable. Each mirror is constructed of durable borosilicate glass with a quartz overcoat before we add our signature Metallic High-Transmission Coatings (MHTC). The Heritage 130 uses a unique truss tube system that allows it to be collapsed for easy portability and storage while retaining collimation. 

Its lightweight azimuth base uses Teflon bearing for smooth, accurate slewing and has an altitude locking knob for steady viewing. The base also features skid resistant, vibration suppressing rubber feet, which minimizes vibration while allowing the telescope to be setup virtually anywhere with minimal vibration, making this telescope the perfect camping companion. 

Optical Info
Optical Design Newtonian
Mirror Coatings 94% Aluminum
Glass Type Borosilicate
Primary Aperture (mm) 130
F/Ratio 5
Focal Length (mm) 650
Secondary Diameter 40mm
Secondary Obstruction (by diameter) 31%
Secondary Obstruction by Area 10%
Observational Info
Dawes Limit 0.89
Rayleigh Limit 1.04
Limiting Mag. 13.05
Minimum Magnification 18x
Maximum Magnification 256x
Light Gathering (compared to 100mm telescope) 56%
General Info
Focuser 1.25" Helical
OTA Length (Retract/Ext.) 14.75"/25"
OTA Outer Diameter 168mm
OTA Weight (with accessories) 6.5 pounds
Total Weight 13.5 pounds
Dob Base Measurements 14"x17"
Zenith Eyepiece Height 28"
Included Finder Red Dot
Included Diagonal No
Included Eyepieces 25mm and 10mm SUPER eyepiece (1.25")
Magnification w/ Included Eyepieces 26x (25mm)/65x (10mm)
Included Case No

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