4.5kg Counterweight for CEM26/GEM28

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This 4.5 kg (~10 lbs) counterweight can be used for the following iOptron mount:

  • iEQ30/iEQ30 Pro
  • CEM25/CEM25P
  • CEM26
  • GEM28
  • CEM40/CEM40EC (pre-2021 models only. The 2021 model uses a wider 28mm diameter counterweight bar)
  • ZEQ25
  • AZ Mount Pro
  • MiniTower Pro
  • MiniTower II
  • MiniTower

NOTE: Not compatible with the 2021 CEM40 mounts, which use a larger diameter counterweight shaft.

It can be used for other mount with a 20mm diameter counterweight shaft.

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    Barcode: 6943831501305