Portable Solar Charger

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Don't be caught without power - charge up from the sun while observing the eclipse!

We've used this solar charger ourselves at star parties and on road trips to keep our EcoFlow battery topped up! On clearance because the LXPS 18 battery pack is discontinued, but this solar charger works with a range of battery packs including Jackery, Anker, and EcoFlow portable power stations. Snag one at a steep discount while they last!

Meade's LXPS 18 Portable Solar Charger is rugged, lightweight and powerful. This solar panel is designed for the adventurer, camper, and mobile telescope user - allowing you to charge your Meade LXPS 18 Lithium power supply in the field during extended observing sessions.

Perfect for extended weekends and camping trips to keep your LXPS 18 topped up and ready for the night's observing.


Compatible with all Solar Generators including Jackery, EcoFlow, Anker, and more.

This product is NOT compatible with Celestron PowerTanks or Powertank Lithiums. It IS compatible with most other 3rd party solar generator battery packs with an onboard charge controller and the ability to connect to standard solar cables. Also includes the cable to connect the Meade LXPS 18.


Product Number



7 09942 10076 1


4-panel foldable design (12.5W per panel)

Electrical Characteristics

Maximum Power (Pmax)


Open-circuit Voltage (Voc)


Voltage at Pmax (Vmp)


Short-circuit Current (Isc) 3.03

Current at Pmax (Imp)


Cell Type Monocrystalline

Cells Efficiency (%)


Voltage Temperature Coefficient -0.3%/°C

Current Temperature Coefficient


Output Power Tolerance ±3%

Operating Temperature

Battery Connection

1m cable with DC5521 connector

Product Weight

5 lbs.

Product Dimensions

• Folded: 355 x 290 x 25mm • Unfolded: 1365 x 355 x 4mm

Packaged Dimensions

394 x 312 x 75m

Packaged Weight

5.7 lbs.

    Barcode: 709942100761