Meade 0.68x ACF Focal Reducer

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  • Capture wall-worthy astrophotographs with any Meade f/8 or f/10 ACF telescope with the aid of this thread-on 0.68x focal reducer
  • Reduced focal length cuts exposure times in half, and nearly doubles the field of view for deep-sky Astro-imaging
  • Ideal for APS-C and smaller camera sensors, providing full illumination of 22mm diagonal sensor and just slight vignetting at 28mm, which is correctable with flats
  • Generous 105mm (from flange) back-focus distance to allow ample room for imaging train accessories such as a filter wheel and/or OAG
  • Threads directly onto ACF rear cell and comes with T-thread adapter for attachment of DSLR at the standard 55mm back-focus distance

Turn your Meade Advanced Coma Free (ACF) telescope into an astrophotography overachiever with the Meade ACF 0.68x Focal Reducer w/ 50mm T-thread Adapter. By reducing the telescope’s effective focal length and “speeding up” the focal ratio, the 0.68x Reducer significantly shortens the long exposure times typically needed to produce vivid images of faint deep sky objects. The focal reduction also renders a wider field of view, allowing capture of larger objects in a single frame.

Long exposures require spot-on tracking and guiding, and are more susceptible to image-wrecking factors such as breezes, clouds moving in, and satellite trails. Not to mention that having to take enough tediously long exposures to stack for a decent final image can take, well, a tediously long time! But with the ACF 0.68x Focal Reducer installed between the ACF and your DSLR or astro CCD/CMOS camera, you’ll decrease the capture times needed and increase your odds of getting dramatic, error- free images.

The Meade ACF 0.68x Focal Reducer works with all Meade f/10 and f/8 ACF telescopes, converting the f/10 ACF into a faster f/6.8 system and the f/8 ACF into a zippy f/5.5 imaging beast! That reduction translates to a nearly 50% wider field of view and exposure times cut by more than half! The four-element reducer provides full illumination of a 22mm diagonal sensor and nearly full illumination out to 28mm, with just slight vignetting that is corrected with flat field calibration. So it is ideal for use with APS-C and smaller imaging sensors. It boasts 100mm of back-focus distance, allowing loads of space for imaging train accessories. It threads directly onto the rear cell of the ACF. It comes with a 50mm-long T-thread adapter with male M42x0.75 threads, ideal for DSLR and similar cameras having the standard 55mm flange back-focus. The T-thread adapter can be removed to access the reducer’s male SCT 2"x24 TPI threaded collar for other camera types. For photographic use only.

Made in USA.

    Barcode: 709942101614