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Paramount MyT Series 6

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Introducing the new MYT Series 6 portable observatory. 

The Paramount MYT™ Series 6 represents the latest in gear-driven German equatorial mount performance.

Its new features include a 40% instrument capacity increase, an option for absolute digital encoders, and multiple connectivity options. Watch this video for a quick overview of what’s new with the Series 6 Paramounts. 

Being the lightest of all the Paramounts, the MYT is the ultimate grab-and-go observatory class mount.

Hardware Specifications

  • 70 lb. (32 kg) instrument capacity; 140 lb. (64 kg) maximum payload capacity (instruments + counterweights).
  • Weighs 35 lb. (16 kg) without counterweights or the counterweight shaft.
  • All-sky pointing accuracies at or below 30 arcseconds RMS (see Software Specifications below for details).
  • Its standard motor-based encoders provide:
    • A maximum peak-to-peak periodic error before correction is seven (7) arcseconds.
    • After a one-time periodic error training, the peak-to-peak periodic error is typically 1 arcsecond or less.
    • Belt-driven pulleys with spring-loaded worm gears produce virtually zero backlash.
    • No clutches mean the TPoint™ model’s pointing accuracy is maintained.
    • AutoHome™ homing capability ensures the mount always knows its orientation (after performing an initializing process called “homing” which usually takes a minute or less).
  • Optional on-axis absolute encoders provide:
    • No mount initialization (a.k.a. homing) required.
    • No periodic error.
    • No backlash.
    • Exceptional TPoint™ pointing and tracking results from fewer calibration points which saves time.
    • 0.02 arcsecond resolution extended temperature range absolute on-axis encoders operate from –40° C to +80° C.
    • If you skip absolute on-axis absolute encoders now, they can be purchased and installed in the field later.
  • All of the telescope control system’s motor, power, and electronics cables are conveniently housed inside the mount to prevent snags.
  • Ample room to run additional through-the-mount cables.
  • Advanced MKS 6000 telescope control system lets you connect via USB-C, Ethernet, and Wi-Fi
  • Three high-power XT60 ports on the Instrument Panel.
  • Includes one stainless steel 20 lb. (9 kg) counterweight to balance 25-30 lb. (11-14 kg) of telescope. You may need to purchase more for heavier payloads.
  • Its included drop-in dovetail on the Versa-Plate™ accepts most telescopes and makes installation simpler.
  • 48V DC power supply and PC-to-mount USB and Ethernet cables included.
  • Durable, fade-resistant red powder coating with black anodized finish; external components are machined aluminum alloy.
  • Includes Hand Controller for manual mount operation.


Software Specifications

  • Paramount’s unsurpassed pointing and tracking performance is made possible by its integrated TPoint™ modeling and ProTrack™ technologies.
  • By employing TPoint’s calibration and telescope modeling tools, you’ll enjoy all sky pointing accuracies below 30 arcseconds RMS. Nothing outperforms that — and that’s without on-axis absolute encoders.
  • Operating in conjunction with TPoint™, ProTrack™ continuously updates the mount’s position in both axes to correct system-wide tracking errors including tube flexure, atmospheric refraction, polar misalignment, harmonic errors caused by evenly slightly misaligned encoders or the main gear, and more.
    • On-axis absolute encoders alone cannot correct those errors which exist with all telescopes. A properly applied telescope model is required to achieve superior tracking.
    • Even without on-axis absolute encoders, 5-to-10-minute unguided exposures are common with many enjoying up to 20 minutes.
  • All the included software is integrated into a single, easy-to-use, application consisting of TheSky™ Professional, TPoint™, Cameras+, Domes, Multi-OS+, and Weather modules. Enjoy the simplicity of controlling your cameras and astrophotography devices with one application. The included TheSky™ Universal Bundle represents a $1,095 value.
  • Its Accurate Polar Alignment feature does not require pole visibility.
  • Compatible with Windows™, macOS™, and Linux (arm64 and x86_64 processors).
  • TheSky's user-interface is consistent across all operating systems. You can install TheSky on multiple operating simultaneously on up to six computers per OS.
  • Why paint yourself or your institution into a corner?