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RedCat 71 WIFD


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This William Optics WIFD 71 mm APO Astrograph is a premier tool for astrophotographers. The RedCat WIFD 71 provides color-free apochromatic performance. With 4 elements in 3 groups (2-1-1- configuration), the 71 mm RedCat Petzval refractor is designed with a doublet made of FPL-53 glass up front, a single central element, and a single rear lens to provide a flat image plane without any need for an additional flattener.

William Optics designed this refractor with excellent color correction and pinpoint stars, even at the edge of the 45 mm image circle.

Bahtinov Mask

Included with this William Optics RedCat telescope is a Bahtinov focusing mask. The Bahtinov mask is a great tool for astrophotography and modifying focus. With William Optics quality, the Innovative Bahtinov Mask Cover will help astrophotographers reach the best focus when capturing those wonderful celestial photos.

Patented WIFD Focuser

This new focuser design includes the patented William Optics center focuser with precise internal sliding of fixed optics to prevent image shift. The integrated position viewing window on the focuser provides instant verification of the graduated numerical display. The smooth rack-and-pinion design is incorporated into the focuser to provide super-fine adjustability for critical focus. The internal movement of the optical elements is protected from the elements and cannot come out of alignment. The redistribution of weight allows for better balance during imaging sessions.


  • Optical Design: Refractor
  • Refractor Design: Apochromat (APO)
  • Aperture: 2.8" (71 mm)
  • Focal Ratio: f/4.9
  • Focal Length: 348 mm
  • Image Circle: >45 mm
  • Focuser Style: William Optics Patented WIFD
  • OTA Length: 16.81" (427 mm)
  • OTA Weight: 7.11 lb.
  • OTA Weight with ring, dovetail, and saddle: 9.47 lb.