Used TeleGizmos T3TP Standard Canvas Cover for Tripod


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This is a used TeleGizmos cover for a tripod.  It is in good condition; it is relatively clean, with some minor spotting at various locations on the white canvas.

It has a 42" circumference at the bottom; you can measure around your three tripod legs to see if this will fit.  It also has a 48" height, and a 9" diameter/28" circumference at the top.  You wrap it around your tripod; then it is held together in place by velcro.  It also comes with two metal clips, in its original ziploc bag.   



Want to leave your scope out for a few days, like during a star party?  Or maybe you prefer setting up during the day, but there's a chance of passing showers between then and when you'll start observing?  TeleGizmos has got your scope covered.  

The Standard TeleGizmos Solar Scope Covers, when used outside, are intended for temporary exposure periods, not to exceed more than occasional, short term outside exposure.  These covers are capable of fitting several other scope sizes. Check your set-up dimensions and reference the stated cover measurements to determine if a cover will fit systems other than those listed.

42" circumference at bottom, 48" height, 9" diameter (28" circumference) at top