ZWO 0.7x Reducer for 107/130mm Quad APO

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ZWO has released a new 3-inch 0.7× full frame reducer that is compatible with the FF107APO and FF130APO telescopes. It has a three-element optical design, including one element made of ED glass. Its reduction factor is 0.7, which gives the FF107APO a shortened focal ratio of f/4.9 and a shorter focal length of 524mm. This allows for less total integration time and a wider field of view, bringing more convenience and possibilities for your wide-field deep-sky imaging.

The reducer has a standard 55mm back focus and comes with M68, M54, and M48 threaded adapters for easy attachment.

Connection steps

  1. Prepare the FF107APO telescope tube and the focal reducer.
  2. Unscrew the M86 to 2-inch adapter at the end of the FF107APO telescope tube.
  3. Unscrew the end cap of the 0.7X reducer.
  4. Insert the reducer into the focuser inner tube and tighten it.

    Barcode: 0748305559945