ZWO 1.25" Helical Focuser


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Finally, a non-rotating 1.25" Helical Focuser that is perfect for the ZWO OAG on a Mini Guide Camera! Unlike other helical focusers, this ZWO model doesn't rotate your camera when you are adjusting focus and it is super economical.

Highlights of the ZWO Helical Focuser

  • M42 Female inner threads attach to the M42 male threads of the OAG
  • The ZWO 1.25" helical focuser has approximately 6mm of travel distance
  • The minimum height of the focuser is 48.5mm
  • The minimum adjustment accuracy is 0.1mm
  • 1.25" pass straight-through
Product specification
SKU Number
Model Number
Focuser Design/Type
Helical Focusers
Single or Dual Speed Focuser
Single Speed Focuser
Focuser Size - Eyepiece Side
ZWO - 2 Years

    Barcode: 0607467928139