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This version of the Electronic Automatic Focuser (EAF) from ZWO eliminates the 12V DC port, allowing the unit to transmit data and be powered through a single 5V USB 2.0 Type-B port. This means simpler setup and fewer tangled cords! 

The ZWO 5V EAF is an electronic focuser that allows for dynamic, precise focus control for deep-sky and planetary imaging alike. A major benefit of this electronic automatic focuser is its highly integrated design and support for INDI, ASCOM drivers and software, ASIAIR and ASIStudio, automatic focusing, manual focusing with hand controller (sold separately), and a temperature sensor (sold separately). 

Compared to earlier versions of the ZWO EAF, the main advantage of the 5V USB is the elimination of the 12V power supply port. Not only does this allow for better cord management, but reduces power consumption and supply pressure when in remote settings. This unit receives power and transmits data through its single USB 2.0 port. A single separate auxiliary port supports either a temperature sensor or hand controller (sold separately).

The Standard EAF 5V USB 2.0 works with all capture software that is supported by the ASCOM platform. This can be added to the ASIAIR WiFi imaging and control system (sold separately) to complete the system and allow users to run their entire imaging sessions with a smartphone or tablet and can do so indoors, if they choose.


ZWO EAF 5V USB 2.0 Specifications

  • Size: 59 mm x 52 mm x 41 mm
  • Motor: Step Motor: 35mm diameter; 7.5-degree step angle
  • Power/Data Port: USB 2.0 Type-B
  • Weight: 277g.
  • Capacity: 5kg
  • Material: All-metal
  • Color: Red


Support list:

  • William Optics
  • SkyWatcher Astrophotography Reflectors, SkyWatcher Black Diamond, SkyWatcher Dobsonians, SkyWatcher Maksutov-Newtonians.
  • SharpStar telescopes
  • SkyRover telescopes
  • TS Optics
  • Astro Tech
  • Feather Touch

Please be aware that not all models from the brands above are supported.  You can read the following instruction for the full supported list of telescopes and the different connection methods:

ZWO EAF Compatible Focuser List & Connecting Methods

More models will be supported in the future. Please stay tuned.


  • Size: 59mm x 52mm x 41mm
  • Moter: Step moter, 35mm diameter, 7.5° step angle
  • Reduction ratio: 120
  • Power/Data port: USB2.0 port, Type-B
  • Weight: 277g
  • Capacity: 5kg


    Barcode: 0607467928061