Used Orion SkyGlow™ Filter, 2"

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This is a used 2-inch Orion SkyGlow filter, made in Japan.  It is in only fair shape, as it has a number of minor surface imperfections due to its age and use.  These should not significantly affect your views.  The filter does not include its original case or box.  These condition issues have been taken into consideration in the pricing, which is over HALF-OFF.  
  • The SkyGlow filter enhances deep-sky observing in moderately light-polluted skies
  • 2" eyepiece filter blocks the most common wavelengths of light pollution for increased contrast and better view quality
  • SkyGlow improves the views of nebulas, galaxies and star clusters, especially when viewing in areas with light pollution from streetlights
  • Ideal for backyard astronomy oberving when you don't have time to trek to a dark sky site
  • 2" filter designed for use with 2" telescope eyepieces. Metal filter cell construction.

Light pollution is waging war on amateur astronomy. But don't surrender — fight back with this Orion SkyGlow broadband telescope filter!

This 2" SkyGlow Broadband telescope filter is an advanced multilayer "interference" filter that blocks the most common wavelengths of light pollution while passing desirable wavelengths with very little attenuation, yielding dramatically better deep-sky views.

It features improved blocking of mercury-vapor light and higher transmission at critical hydrogen-alpha and hydrogen-beta lines than competing filters. Bright, light-polluted skies appear much darker, and the contrast between object and sky is improved significantly.

Enhances All Objects
This contrast-enhancement effect is particularly apparent on nebulas. Unlike stars, emission nebulas give off light in a very narrow range of wavelengths. Orion SkyGlow telescope filters allow maximum transmission of the important wavelengths of hydrogen-alpha, hydrogen-beta, and doubly ionized oxygen-the ones most commonly emitted by nebulas. Views of galaxies and star clusters are also enhanced, although not as much.

Why suffer under light-polluted skies any longer? Buy your Orion SkyGlow light-pollution filter today. It really works!