Used Starizona Hyperstar v4 for Celestron 11" EdgeHD

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Condition: This is a used Starizona Hyperstar for a 11" Celestron EdgeHD.  This is the latest version, version 4, as shown on the body.  It is in excellent condition, with absolutely clean, pristine optics and an unmarked body.  This model includes the filter drawer.  


Starizona HyperStar 4 for Celestron 11” Edge HD
with Filter Slider Kit

Take images 25 times faster by adding the Starizona HyperStar 4 multi-lens corrector and reducer to the front of your Celestron 11” EdgeHD’s optical system! The HyperStar replaces the secondary mirror on the Celestron 11" SCT OTA. Removing the secondary takes only a few minutes with no tools required. There is even a holder for the secondary included to keep the optics safe when not in use. Once the secondary has been removed, simply mount the HyperStar in its place, add your choice of camera (APS-format or smaller), and start imaging at f/1.9. You will experience a much wider field of view as well as lightning speed exposures. When it comes time to replace your secondary, no collimation is required. The secondary lens is indexed so you will know its proper orientation.

It is amazing how fast your exposure times will be once you’ve added HyperStar to the mix! For example, an exposure that takes 25 minutes at f/10, or 10 minutes at f/6.3, will take less than 60 seconds at f/1.9! Saving time is not the only benefit of imaging with HyperStar, however. The greatest advantage of consistently fast exposure times has to do with guiding, or should I say, the lack of guiding! The longer an exposure becomes, the more likely it will suffer from tracking errors, accidental bumps to the telescope, and other problems that cause out of focus images or star trails. However, with typical exposure times of 20 - 60 seconds, guiding is usually unnecessary.

This Starizona HyperStar Kit comes with the Filter Slider, which allows you to use multiple filters while imaging without removing the camera. Most filter wheels are too big to use with HyperStar; they block too much of the telescope’s aperture. The Starizona Filter Slider is built expressly for HyperStar imaging. It is only 0.69” thick and weighs just 5 ounces. The filter slider is round and smooth, with nothing to stick out and get in way of the light path. The HyperStar side of the filter holder has female M48 threads and the camera side has male T-threads. See a list of compatible cameras below.

The included filter holder slides in and out of the filter slider body. Magnets hold the filter holder firmly in place yet allow easy filter change-out at any time. The included filter holder will hold 2” mounted filters with a standard 48 mm thread.

Cameras Compatible with 11” HyperStar

  • Astrovid StellaCam
  • Atik 3-Series
  • Atik 4-Series
  • Celestron Nightscape
  • Mallincam
  • Meade DSI & DSI Pro
  • Orion StarShoot (I, II, and G3)
  • Starlight Xpress (all models except H35/36)
  • QSI 500 & 600 Series
  • SBIG ST-8300
  • SBIG ST-7/8/9/10/2000/4000

HyperStar 4 Specifications

  • Focal Length: 540 mm
  • Focal Ratio: f/1.9
  • Field of View (with 35 mm sensor): 3.7 degrees
  • Camera Adapter Threaded for 2" (48 mm) Filters
  • Back focus (from mounting thread to focal plane): 59.7 mm (2.35")
  • Maximum Usable Sensor Size: 35 mm Diagonal (APS Format)
  • Weight: 2.1 lb
  • Length (without camera adapter): 4.5"
  • Diameter: 4.3"